The Chirp

Charlotte Public Schools is excited to continue “The Chirp” for 2019-2020. This will be the second year of our employee recognition program. The Orioles of CPS dedicate themselves to the success of their students, colleagues, building, district, and community every day. The staff of Charlotte Public Schools truly are amazing! We appreciate the hard work that goes into being a dedicated Oriole, and want to publicly recognize our Oriole team!!

Want to cheer on an Oriole? Submit a “Cheer Chirp.”

Cheer Chirp (Staff Recognition Form)

This form is quick, simple, and allows for open-ended genuine responses. Your submissions will be communicated out to staff, and posted to this page weekly.

Who can submit a Cheer Chirp? CPS staff, students, parents, community members, anyone!!

See what Orioles are chirping about below!

March 2020

Mr. Koning (Middle School)

“He helps people when they need help and he is really nice.”  ~Landon

The Janitors (District)

“The middle school has a lot of kids, and they make a huge mess, but somehow the janitors manage to clean all of it up. Without them our school would be a total mess. I just want to thank them for that.”  ~Anonymous

Mrs. Kathy (Transportation)

“She makes it so people are safe when the bus driver is driving and she does her job well.”  ~Anonymous

Jennifer Wood (Middle School)

“Makes class more fun.”  ~Charlie

Gabby (Aquatic Center)

“She really helps with my backstroke.”  ~Anonymous

Mrs. Sowles (Middle School)

“She is always so happy and mood lightening, whenever someone is sad she tries to make them happy. She is an awesome teacher.”  ~Kaleah

Mr. Schroetter (Middle School/High School)

“Mr. Schroetter works very hard to teach all his students how to sight read, sing correctly, and learn more about music.”  ~Madison

Ms. Sowles (Middle School)

“I love how she is a kind caring person and she is so nice.”  ~Hannah

Ms. Hagerty (Middle School)

“She is amazing, pretty, fun, etc.. She makes fun projects for us to do rather than just give us book work. She lets us be more independent and doesn't always talk all class. She is my favorite teacher in the whole school.”  ~Anonymous

Mrs. Mather (Middle School)

“She is really nice and like a second mom.”  ~Carson

Jacob Briney (Upper Elementary)

“He makes teaching look really fun, he has fun at his job, he is my favorite teacher, and he overall is a great teacher.”  ~Emma

Gretchen McCllellan-VanArsdale (Central Office)

“I am so grateful for all of Gretchen's hard work this school year. She has done a great job supporting the special ed staff and our students with special needs.”  ~Anonymous

Heather Worden (Washington)

“She is great with the younger kids.”  ~Anonymous

Ms. Nevins (Middle School)

“You are a good volleyball coach and you are so nice.”  ~Ava

Julie Grech-Kramer (Middle School)

“Julie has been working tirelessly this school year to make sure our students with special needs have the proper eligibility and services. Thank you for all your hard work!”  ~Carolyn Capozzo

Mrs. Turner (Middle School)

“very smart,funny,kind,caring i love you fav teacher”  ~Martina

Jill Cates (Middle School)

“Jill always goes above and beyond with everything she does. She is an excellent teacher, friend, and mentor. I am so lucky to be learning from one of the greatest assets at Charlotte Middle School. Thank you for everything you do!”  ~Sami Sowles

Jennifer Wood (Middle School)

“Jenn is one of the most determined and hard-working teachers I know. She truly cares about her students and her staff. Being able to work alongside her this year has made me grow as an educator. I am very fortunate to have an amazing teacher to look up to!”  ~Sami Sowles

Mrs. Halstead (Middle School)

“She is nice and teaches me.”  ~Dayton

Ms. Brimley (Middle School)

“She’s great and is fun to have as a teacher.” ~Anonymous

Mrs. Hosey (Upper Elementary)

“She has always supported the people in the classrooms by surprising them with prizes and even doing things with the whole class as an activity.”  ~Ashton

Mrs. Cates (Middle School)

“She is a great teacher and gives great knowledge! She is also funny!”  ~Lacey

Mr. Rysko (Middle School)

“He is kind and helpful.”  ~Levi

Mr. Briney (Upper Elementary)

“He is hilarious and he is an amazing teacher!”  ~Lacey

Natasha Cortez (Middle School)

“I can always rely on Natasha being there for our kiddos. She plays such a vital role in making sure things run smoothly and steps in when needed. I am thankful I get to work with such a caring person.”  ~Anonymous

Ashley Cox (Middle School)

“Ashley is overall a great teacher. The students respect her and she holds high expectations for her classroom. I am so grateful to have her a part of our team. The students really enjoy taking her class.”  ~Anonymous

Ms. Hagerty (Middle School)

 “Her class is fun.”  ~Aiden

Mrs. Bowhall (High School)

“she is a cool bean and a great coach~(and also don't forget my gummies!!!)”  ~Stevi

Ms. Halstead (Middle School):

“She is so nice and helpful.”  ~Landon

Mrs. Hagerty (Middle School)

“She has helped make CPS great by being a great teacher.” ~John

Mrs. Wonnacott (Upper Elem)

“She is really nice and no one can teach social studies like Mrs. Wonnacott”  ~Drew

Janitorial Staff (Middle School)

“They make our school clean.”  ~Anonymous

Mrs. Halstead (Middle School)

“She works hard to help her students get good grades and tries to make learning fun for her students.”  ~Anonymous

Mrs. Sowles (Middle School)

“She always takes time to brighten up everyone's day and she always has a smile on her face even if she isn't happy she will still try to make everyone else happy. Overall she is a really good teacher and she should get recognition because of it.”  ~Isaiah

Mrs. Hagerty (Middle School)

“Really nice teacher, no one can teach history like her.”  ~Drew

Deb Minzey (Washington)

“She was my first teacher and she was definitely my favorite! I haven't talked to her in forever and I just wanted to stop in and say hey!”  ~Cassie

Ms. Makinster (Middle School)

“Really fun and nice teacher and i'm happy that she is now a part of our schools.”  ~Drew


Sharee Burdick (High School)

“Mrs. Burdick has taken time out of her busy day to make sure I have everything I need to succeed. She really cares about every single student and does her hardest to help all of them in whatever way they need.”  ~Anonymous

Mrs. Halstead (Middle School)

“To say the least she is simply a gem:)))”  ~Anonymous

Ms. Sowles (Middle School)

“She is really funny and her class is fun.”  ~Aiden Laverty

All Custodians (Middle School)

“They do so much for our school!”  ~Stevi Stephenson

Dani Daniel (Parkview)

“As a new CPS staff member from out of state, Dani brings with her fresh ideas, a strong leadership role in our building and on our team, and a CAN-DO attitude. Her Georgia-Peach flair is a great addition here to Parkview!”  ~Natalie Keyton

Erin Beasley (Upper Elementary)

“Mrs. Beasley is my favorite teacher ever. She makes learning fun and doesn't let us do anything less than our very best.”  ~Anonymous

Ms. Sowles (Middle School)

“She is really nice to everyone and always tries to brighten up the day even if they aren't having the best day they still find time to make way for the students to have a good day.”  ~Isaiah Pena

Ms. Brimley (Middle School)

“She's really nice and is very good at teaching art.”  ~Lucas 

Matt Elkins (Technology)

“He has been incredibly helpful to me in all of my projector woes. I greatly appreciate all of his assistance and quick responses! He is also very kind, funny, and a joy to be around.”  ~Abby Halstead

Ms. Halstead (Middle School)

“She is very involved in the community.”  ~Aiden Laverty

Ms. Hagerty (Middle School)

“She is always nice and she helps people with their work.”  ~Landon Jackson

Ms. Sowles (Middle School)

“She is just an outstanding teacher and all around amazing person.” ~Levi Kidd

Janitorial Staff (Middle School)

“They are very nice and open my locker when it gets jammed.”  ~Brooke Compton

Ms. Makinster (Middle School)

“She always has a smile on her face when I see her even if it's early in the morning. She's a really nice, funny and caring teacher. I really like her personality.”  ~Heavenly Bates

Mrs. Converse (High School)

“Mrs.Converse has taught her students so much about art. For example my older sister learned everything she knows about art from Mrs. Converse. Thank you so much we all appreciate it.”  ~Isabelle Debolt

Mrs. Halstead (Middle School)

“She is a really nice person and she is a cool person.”  ~Marquis Beardslee

Ms. Hagerty (Middle School)

“She is always nice, and she does a great job of teaching.”  ~Grace Greco

Ms. Wood (Middle School)

“She is always helpful, and she is nice”  ~Landon Jackson

Mr. Moran (High School)

“Mr. Moran has done so much for students and veterans over the years he should have a statue in his honor outside the school.”  ~Anonymous

Ms. Sowles (Middle School)

“She has been an amazing friend and teacher. Everyday, I look forward to seeing her smiling and beautiful face!”  ~Ms. Halstead

Ms. Capozzo (Middle School)

“She is a nice teacher that is helpful.”  ~Colin Sivyer

Ms. Halstead (Middle School)

“She is really nice to everyone and always tries to brighten up the day even if they aren't having the best day they still find time to make way for the students to have a good day.”  ~Isaiah Pena

Ms. Sowles (Middle School)

“She is always so happy and she makes my day so much better when she is always smiling.”  ~Cassie Butler

Ms. Hagerty (Middle School)

“She's super nice and always motivates me to do better! also her room is super chill.” ~Jade/Kai

Ms. Sowles (Middle School)

“She is always in a good mood, and is really nice all the time.”  ~Anonymous

Mr. Burns (Upper Elementary)

“He was my tech teacher last year, and was for many others too, and everyone then agreed that he was by far one of the top 3 teachers in the school for how great, cool, and over all helpful he has been.”  ~Rhenton Womack

Mrs. Nevins (Middle School)

“Mrs. Nevins is kind and cares about all her students. For example, she has helped me get my grades to where they all are now. thank you so much.”  ~Isabelle Debolt

Mrs. Katie (Transportation)

“My bus driver always has a smile on her face and always happily greets me even if it's 6 AM. She's funny and gives me food. I like food.”  

Mrs. Sowles (Middle School)

“She's a good teacher and does a great job at making sure everyone leans but in a fun a way”

Ms. Sowles (Middle School)

“She's been putting in that hard work and putting up with stubborn kids that try and ruin her day but she won’t let that happen. She also deserves more respect from the 7th and 8th graders. She has earned my respect. #GiveMsSowlesARaise #Goat #BestTeacherEver #DontSleepOnMsSowles #RespectMsSowles #DontLookDownOnMsSowles”  ~Maliki Ernesto Garza

Mrs. Beasley (Upper Elementary)

“Whenever a student needs help she is there to just talk and make everything fun.”  ~Emma Carna

Ms. Hagerty (Middle School)

“Ms. Hagerty is always very kind, welcoming, and teaches in fun and exciting ways! She's also very pretty.”  ~Ms. Halstead’s 4th Hour

Mr. Briney (Upper Elementary)

“He made math fun and had fun teaching methods.”  ~Anonymous

Ms. Dalton (Middle School)

“She is very very kind hearted and comes with the best mood everyday.”  ~Anonymous

Ms. Halstead (Middle School)

“Ms.Halsted is a cool and epic teacher.”  ~Caleb

Ms. Sowles (Middle School)

“You are a very nice and kind funny teacher. I really wish I had you as a teacher. It's really sad that you are not my teacher. and now us 8th graders are going into 9th grade which is scary cuz i wont be used to being in a big school like the high school the times i had with you were amazing like going in your room sometimes or for testing it was nice you are a really cool teacher and i will miss you when i go to the high school there will be times i will visit you. now i hope you have a great day Mis.Sowels.”  ~Brianna Therrien

Ms. Wood (Middle School)

“She is a really good teacher and helps me understand stuff, she is very nice and cares about every kid she teaches.”  ~Payton McLeod

Mrs. Dalton (Middle School)

“She is funny, fun, really nice, and she is strict.”  ~Hannah Noeske

Shannon Nevins (Middle School)

“Mrs. Nevins is one of the best teachers. She's nice and laid back. And I'm pretty astonished that she manages to put up with us.”  ~Anonymous

Mrs. Halstead (Middle School)

“Mrs. Halstead is super energetic and always happy and ready to go. She is super fun and great, very nice and amazing.”  ~Kaleah

Ms. Bowhall (High School)

“She seems like a great teacher and is a super amazing cheer coach. She pushes us to reach our goals and is really fun and funny. She makes cheer even better then it could be. She is always proud of us no matter what and is just and overall awesome COACH.”  ~Delaney Cantwell

Emily Makinster (Middle School)

“Ms. Makinster is very nice and a very good teacher and coach!! She is very understanding and explains things very well.”  ~Ellie Lautzenheiser

Mr. Thompson (High School)

“He has been a great advisor for the FFAprogram and  he has helped me achieve great things with the FFA creed.”  ~Tyler Wilson

Ms. Hagerty(Middle School)

“Nice, funny, makes work fun, teaches in a fun way, a really likable person:)”  ~Draegan

Coach Bowhall (High School)

“She might be a great teacher, but an even better cheer coach”  ~Grace Hildabridle

Mrs. Wood (Middle School)

“Mrs.Wood is nice and makes learning fun. I always learn something different in that class unless we are reviewing. She is very open and I enjoy learning in here class.”  ~Anonymous

Ms. Hagerty (Middle School)

“Ms. Hagerty helps me understand things easily, she makes class fun, and she lets me sit by Lauren. She is my absolute favorite teacher. Also, I love her classroom, it is decorated so nicely. Also she is really pretty. I always look forward to my 6th hour because it is my best class of the whole entire day.”  ~Taylor Conley

Mrs. Olney (Middle School)

“She makes sure all students get the care they need when they are sick and also help enormously with keeping records and just helping with the well being of our school.”  ~Olivia/Olly Merrill

Jessica Hadley (Upper Elementary)

“Jessica is one of our wonderful 5th grade teachers. She holds her students to a high standard educationally. She helps them recognize mistakes they have made behaviorally, and how to fix it. Jessica wholeheartedly believes in each of her students.”  ~Anonymous

Megan Hagerty (Middle School)

“She teaches us in a way that everyone understand.”  ~Anonymous

Dillon Burns (Upper Elementary)

“It is truly impressive to listen to Dillon speak with the students at the CUE. He speaks with them, not at them. He remains calm and respectful. This is also true with the staff, always making staff feel welcome and appreciated.”  ~Anonymous

Abigail Halstead (Middle School)

“Ms. Halstead actually cares about her students. She's really nice, and takes the time out of her day to go to CrossWalk and help and/or talk with people. She also has my name, but that doesn't matter.”  ~Abigail Libauskas

Mrs. Kelly (High School)

“She has been a great improvement for FFA and has help me achieve great things”  ~Tyler Wilson

Mrs. Mather (Middle School)

“She is so great she is always helping any students that are in need. thank you so much for all the support.”  ~Anonymous

Jennifer Williams (Upper Elementary)

“Jennifer does an amazing job working with her student. She remains calm with this student, teaching him to remain calm in the long run. Keep up the great work Jennifer!”  ~Anonymous

Kim Telfor (Parkview Elementary)

“Kim is such a blessing to have at Parkview. She is a wealth of knowledge and is always more than willing to go above and beyond to support us. I am so grateful for her cheerful personality, work ethic, and dedication!”  ~Karen Scheurer

Mr. Richardson (Middle School)

“He is super nice and supportive.”  ~Anonymous

Heather Worden (Washington)

“She keeps the library fun and is great with all of the kids!”  ~Anonymous

Ms. Detgen (Middle School)

“Ms.Detgen is amazing. She is awesome and she makes us laugh sometimes. She helps us with our music and encourages us. Thank you Ms. Detgen for all that you do.”  ~Elly Barneko

Mrs. Ziegler (Middle School)

“She's very helpful, she has gotten me through really hard times and helped me feel safer at school. she's amazing, and makes you feel cared for.”  ~Mallory Clark

Ms. Nevins (Middle School)

“She is nice, funny and she talks to her students and tries to connect.”  ~Alec Raymond

Mrs. Wiltse (High School)

“She is one of my favorite teachers. I enjoy coming into her classroom every other day with a smile on my face. She is a great teacher and she always will try to brighten your day up!”  ~Breanna Lee

Ms. Halstead (Middle School)

“She is fun and nice.”  ~Anonymous

Abigail Halstead (Middle School)

“She’s pretty funny and epic.  Being in her class is an absolute blast!” ~Ezra Olson

Sarah Milarch (High School)

“Sarah is a rock star!!! Sarah worked with me to set up my Skyward grade book using the "Milarch Special" format. Sarah spent countless hours setting up her grade book to better report grades/standards to parents and students. Because I'm using her format, my students tell me they understand what's missing, their current grades, and what is to be covered in the future. Thank you Sarah for spending your lunch hour with me teaching me your "Milarch Special" Skyward format, and sharing your Oriole Pride!”   ~Tina VanSyckle

Mr. Briney (Upper Elementary)

“Helpful! Give us rewards when we finish are work”  ~Anonymous

Dennis Richardson (Middle School)

“He's super nice, and he is a really, really good teacher.”  ~Gage Dills

Jacob Briney (Upper Elementary)

“He makes learning fun and Entertaining and he has control over his kids and he is really nice.”  ~Emma Lentz

Ms. Nevins (Middle School)

“She is super nice and funny. The environment in her classroom is amazing! She is super kind to everyone. And I love her.”  ~Ava Coney

Mrs. Cortez (Middle School)

“very nice helps out is funny tries to have a fun time when the kids are good and i love her”  ~Braylen Eaton

Mrs. Cates (Middle School)

“she pushes me so i can do my work she is nice and very funny”  ~Levi Rivera

Abigail Halstead (Middle School)

“She understands, she’s awesome and very kind.”  ~Kyra 

Mr. Briney (Upper Elementary)

“He is one of the best teachers i know and he's one of the funniest too”  ~Anonymous

Mr. Rysko (Middle School)

“I had the teacher and he made the class very fun to be in”  ~Anonymous

Mrs. Wood (Middle School)

“She is funny.”  ~Tyler DePriest

Mrs. Elkins (Middle School)

“She was a really good teacher her helps me and some friends with a lot and she was really nice:)”  ~Anonymous

Ms. Halstead (Middle School)

“She is really nice.”  ~Lizzy Gardner

Abigail Halstead (Middle School)

“She's very nice and gives me candy when I'm good”  ~Carson Haigh

Julie Masters (Middle School)

“Julie is always going the extra mile. She is the first one at school and the last one to leave. She is always willing to give a helping hand when needed. I am lucky to work with her.”  ~Jill Cates

Sarah Davis (Middle School)

“Sarah is always willing to help out staff with any issue or situation they have, especially with checking in on new staff and offering support. She is also a great source of morale for the whole team with bringing in various treats for everyone to enjoy- it's such a nice way to start a Monday! Thank you so much, Sarah, for everything you do. You are appreciated!”  ~Shannon Brimley

Mrs. Dalton (Middle School)

“She's Funny, Kind, and super energetic. She seems to be the type of person who is a morning person and that's hard to do.”  ~Stephanie Schopper

Ms. Halstead (Middle School)

“She is sometimes adorable, pretty, and very kind”  ~Anonymous

Mrs. Wood (Middle School)

“She's sassy(in a good way) and Tyler said she's chill and someone you can joke around with.”  ~Stephanie Schopper

Mr. Burns (Upper Elementary)

“Kind and helpful.”  ~Anonymous

Tracy Evans (High School)

“Part of such a great team at the high school. They always focus on doing what's best for students and the school, and they work together really well. Thanks for all you do for our school!”  ~Anonymous

Tina VanSyckle (High School)

“Tina is a strong leader who works herself ragged for our students. She brings great things to her classroom every day. We are blessed to have her at CHS.”  ~Anonymous

Susan Cosby (High School)

“Part of such a great team at the high school. They always focus on doing what's best for students and the school, and they work together really well. Thanks for all you do for our school!”  ~Anonymous

Gretchen McClellan (High School)

“Gretchen thinks broadly about how we use all of our resources for the best results for students. She is thoughtful and focused on doing the right things. So great to work with.”  ~Anonymous

Celena Bruch (Upper Elementary)

“Celena is a wonderful teaching partner. She is very positive and has held our team together during a difficult time when I lost my voice.”  ~Lori

Heidi Rysko (High School)

“Part of such a great team at the high school. They always focus on doing what's best for students and the school, and they work together really well. Thanks for all you do for our school!”  ~Anonymous

Bobby Hejnal (High School)

“Bobby Hejnal did wonderful work in putting together the Snowball Week and Dance. Thank you, Bobby, for your great commitment to our students!”  ~Anonymous

Ms. Halstead (Middle School)

“She's kind, sweet, doesn't yell at us, patient, gives us candy if we help around the classroom(Thanks by the way)”  ~Stephanie Schopper

Mr. Burns (Upper Elementary)

“He's kind, patient, explains stuff easier/better than other teachers, helpful.”  ~Stephanie Schopper

Sharee Burdick (High School)

“Sharee is an absolute wealth of knowledge and one of the best resources we have as a high school staff. She is helpful, caring and understanding and is a great representation of CHS!!”  ~Anonymous

Gabe Sommer (Upper Elementary)

“Gabe has worked really hard at making a safe and caring space for her students to learn since coming to the CUE mid-year. I appreciate her always making sure that her students walk in nice, quiet lines in the hallways. She is always smiling and her positivity is contagious. Thanks for being a great peer, Gabe!”  ~Ashley Cox

Ms. Halstead (Middle School)

“She's nice,funny,likes to joke around,and she is someone that everybody likes”  ~Draegan

Susan Cosby (High School)

“Susan does a great job of greeting and working with students, staff and parents. She is a great representation of Charlotte Athletics and it shows in all that she does. She regularly goes out of her way to promote CHS, The Athletic Department and most importantly our great student body.”  ~Anonymous

Emily Makinster (Middle School)

“Thank you for always coming in and helping out in my classroom during your planning time! The students love having you come in for some friendly keyboarding competition!”  ~Ashley Cox

Ms. Sowles (Middle School)

“Shes a really funny person and nobody doesn't like her, she is nice,funny,loving,and always happy,”  ~Draegan

Mr. Briney (Upper Elementary)

“Mr. Briney was not only the first teacher i had when I moved here to Charlotte, but also the best science/Math teacher I ever met. I don't know if he still works here, but having him as my teacher in 6th grade definitely made it a year to remember.”  ~Ian Noeski

Jill Cates (Middle School)

“Thank you, Jill, for coming to check in on me after a family funeral this weekend. You are such a genuine and kind person. I feel very blessed to have co-workers I know really care about me! Thanks for always being so considerate!”  ~Ashley Cox

Ms. Makinster (Middle School)

“She's very funny, she makes health class fun and makes people laugh. She always asks how your day was and she's nice.”  ~Draegan

Mrs. Ziegler (Middle School)

“She helps people deal with feelings and she helps with really bad situations and is really good to talk to and very helpful

Mrs. Halstead (Middle School)

“She lets me go to the office when I'm sick and she is funny, kind and smart”  ~Hannah Ellis

Mrs. Elkins (Upper Elementary)

“She is an awesome teacher. I had her for 6th grade and I truly miss her because she is a kind and caring teacher. Thank you Mrs.Elkins because you are a great teacher.”  ~Elly Barneko

Ms. Pratt (Washington)

“She made me learn.”  ~Anonymous

Mrs. Bowhall (High School)

“She is nice, funny, and a good cheer coach.”  ~McKayla

Mrs. Halstead (Middle School)

“Oh Ms.Halstead you are a great teacher. You’re you and that makes you such a nice and kind teacher that everyone loves. You do the best for us even if we don't agree and that's why you are such a great teacher.”  ~Elly Barneko

Mrs. Wiersma (Upper Elementary)

“She helps people deal with feelings and she helps with really bad situations and is really good to talk to and very helpful.”  ~Anonymous

Mrs. Brimley (Middle School)

“She's Shown Herself Qualified to be a Professional Art Teacher! She's Kind and Understanding.”  ~Anonymous

Ms. Sowles (Middle School)

“She's always involved in her class and is super friendly and fun and relates to us all the time.”  ~Gabby

Mr. Rysko (Middle School)

“Mr. Rysko is always incredibly helpful, diligent, committed, friendly, funny, and all around awesome. He has been a great help!”  ~Ms. Halstead

Mrs. Wood (Middle School)

“She understands the students, and gets along with them. If a student is in trouble she explains why instead of just making them go out into the hall, and she doesn't want to have a power over us like other teachers want to control us.”  ~Anonymous

Ms. Halstead (Middle School)

“She is hilarious, kind, and sometimes acts like a ninja in front of me, but that's okay.”  ~Andrew Thielen

Mr. Burns (Upper Elementary)

“He's a smart guy and very nice.He helped me out a lot.”  ~Marina Smith

Mrs. Dalton (Middle School)

“She is always very energetic ,helpful and always super nice and she lets us (me and maddie) into her room at lunch!”  ~Anna

Mrs. Dalton (Middle School)

“She's always nice and friendly and she lets me come in her room for lunch.”  ~Daniella Letterly

Ms. Sowles (Middle School)

“She enjoys being a teacher, and she gets along with students, and tries to blend in. She's the cool teacher.”  ~Anonymous

Mr. Elkins (Technology)

“He was a trooper and got back up after taking a tumble in the kickball game, he did outstanding with his empathy for the student in whom he interacted with”  ~Greyson Seavolt

Mr. Burns (Upper Elementary)

“Mr. Burns was my teacher last year and without him I would not have found my passion of writing. This year even though he is not my teacher anymore he still remembered my glasses and when i lost them he returned them to me. He is nice, respectful, kind, encouraging and he is most forgiving of all.”  ~Hunter Phillips

Ms. Capozzo (Middle School)

“Very Helpful.”  ~Daniel

Ms. Steward (Parkview)

“She is a good friend, caring, and helpful.” ~Zachery Sommers

Ms. Halstead (Middle School)

“She is my favorite.” ~Jonny Holliday

Mrs. Wood (Middle School)

“She is cool.”  ~Clark

Ms. Hagerty (Middle School)

“She's always nice and she makes social studies fun to learn.”  ~Daniella Letterly

Mr. Elkins (Technology)

“He got back up when he fell on a student during the kickball tournament.”  ~Clark Aapala

Ms. Hagerty (Middle School)

“She is always nice and she makes social studies fun to learn.”  ~Daniella Letterly

Mrs. VanSyckle (High School)

“She is nice, funny and friendly.”  ~Hannah Whiting

Ms. Halstead (Middle School)

“She is always nice and friendly and she is funny.”  ~Daniella Letterly



Jeff Bennett (Technology):

“Jeff and his department have worked so hard to start up our new website...and training us all how to use it! Great Job!”  ~Dr. Stewart

Kim Telfor (Technology):

“Kim has done so much work on the new website which was a HUGE project! It looks great and is much more user friendly!”  ~Dr. Stewart

Josh Dies (High School):

“Josh is our angel in disguise! Always willing to help with all the tech issues we acquire in our department! Thank you Josh!”  ~Food Service Department

Lillian Marshall (Galewood):

“Miss. Marshall has always made my daughter feel welcomed. She has went out of her way to make sure she is where she need to be to succeed. Best thing that happened to my family was when Shelby got Miss Marshall for a teacher.”  ~Amanda Annibal

Sarah Rugg (Upper Elementary):

“Sarah really cares about her students. She is always smiling and has a warm, genuine attitude. She shows patience and kindness, understanding and empathy. She is one of a kind and changes the lives of all that she encounters.”  ~Marci Rinehart

Cindy Jones (Galewood):

“Mrs. Jones is amazing. She is everywhere doing everything. The glue that holds the Galewood building together and always smiling through it all!”  ~Anonymous

Julie Masters (Upper Elementary):

“What a wonderful lady! She has compassion and a need to see her students succeed. She is kind and holds her students to a high standard to make them feel good about themselves and their accomplishments. She is a gem!”  ~Marci Rinehart

Joan Penrod (Central Office):

“Joan is such a nice addition to the district.  She is kind and respectful when answering calls, even from the most ‘passionate’ people.”  ~Anonymous

Mark McGarry (Upper Elementary):

“This man loves his job. He's so genuine and efficient all at the same time! Just an all around amazing person to have bettering my children's education.” ~Anonymous

Julie Harmon (Upper Elementary):

“Julie is kind and always very helpful and friendly. She's always very nice to parents and kids. Great asset to CPS!”  ~Marci Rinehart

Lisa Olney (Middle School):

“Lisa is always friendly and smiling. She's helpful and cares about people and kids. A real asset to CPS.”  ~Marci Rinehart

Taylor Carew (Parkview):

“Mrs. Carew goes above and beyond her duties as a teacher. Not only does she care about each and every single one of her students but she also is very attentive to the parents. Her communication deserves an A+. I’ve never met a teacher like her, including my years as a student. She’s amazing!”  ~Staci Munroe

Lisa Hoyt (Galewood):

“Mrs. Hoyt is an amazing kindergarten teacher! She has helped our son a lot ! She always welcomed us parents to be involved in her class. I enjoy watching her with her very well behaved students!”  ~Anonymous

Mike Baker (High School):

“He actually made me want to learn because he isn’t annoying or mean. He's funny.”  ~Eric Potter

Matt Maitland (Central Office):

“Matt is making such a significant positive impact at CPS in his new role.  We have made huge progress supporting teachers and academic progress. I am looking forward to the future at CPS!”  ~Anonymous

Brent Crossman (High School):

“thank you for helping me keep my grades up and keeping me on track.”  ~Anonymous

Mrs. Kelley (High School):

“She is kind and always tries to help students go above and beyond.”  ~Collin Schmidt

Carolyn Capozzo (Middle School): 

“Carolyn planned a peer meeting for peer mentors in our building that wanted to learn more about Down Syndrome. As a mother with a child who has Down Syndrome and a teacher in the building, she asked for me to come in and help present on the topic. It was nice to see that type of dialogue happening! I was honored to come in and talk about my family and our experiences so far. Thank you, Carolyn, for inviting me to spread some awareness and information to your peer mentors!”  ~Ashley Cox

Kathy Burt (Upper Elementary):

“Such a great role model. Does everything 100% and helps not only her assigned kids but everyone who needs it. Mrs. Burt is an asset for her kids and others. Always a rule follower but also the sweetest person you will ever meet.”  ~Anonymous

Sharee Burdick (High School):

“Sharee' thank you for your leadership and all that you have done for our community, our school, our staff, our students and me!”  ~Johnnie Mo

Jeff Bohl (High School):

“Jeff is a leader who listens! Thank you for a smooth semester, the smoothest that I can remember in a long time. Your dedication to keeping our programs going and your willingness to learn along with us has been inspiring. Keep up the outstanding work that you are doing at CHS.”  ~John Moran

Quiana Davis (High School):

“I attended Q's session during the CPS seminar and was just blown away and excited that we have someone that is passionate and knowledgeable on staff at the high school. Q brings amazing enthusiasm and a wealth of information to the table. I'm sure the staff and students alike are blessed by her role on a daily basis. Thanks for sharing with all of us, Q!”  ~An Appreciative Colleague

Matt Maitland (Central Office):

“Matt's vision for the CPS Seminar was incredible! It has been - hands down - my favorite professional development day in Charlotte. I appreciated the opportunity for choice and learning about the things we were passionate about. There were so many options to choose from, and it was amazing to hear from our colleagues! We have experts among us, and I'm thankful that admin recognizes the wealth of knowledge we have to share. Thank you, Matt, for an amazing day of learning!”  ~An Appreciative Teacher

Tracy Carlson (Washington):

“Thank you for making a difference in so many lives.  Our students are very lucky to have you to guide them through the adventures of learning.”  ~Anonymous

Marlo Wiltse (High School):

“She has gone above and beyond by helping students when they don’t really understand how to do a certain part of biology. And she is a great teacher overall.”  ~Breanna Lee

Rachel Bump (Central Office):

“Rachel always has a smile on her face and is always willing to help out a fellow team member. I really enjoy working with her!! “  ~Anonymous

Marlo Wiltse (High School):

“She’s always so nice and I really appreciate her” ~Hayley Swank

Nick Pierce (Maintenance):

“Nick is always willing to help whenever needed, even if he is in the middle of another project.  He will stop what he is doing with a quiet smile and lend a hand. Thank you!” ~Anonymous

Jill Cates (Middle School):

“Thank you Jill for going above and beyond for your students. CPS is very lucky to have you!”  ~Cheri Friar

Ken Huhn (Hi Tec):

“Thank you Ken for being so responsive to the needs of staff and students in our buildings.  I am sure the work of you and your staff goes unrecognized far too often.” ~Anonymous

Dillon Burns (Upper Elementary):

“Mr. Burns is making a difference when he brings students in and has conversations with them regarding safety on the bus if we need to reach out to him. He does an amazing job of following up and we really appreciate his feedback! ~Kathy Vance

Nick Boucher (Middle School):

“Thank you, Nick, for getting into our classrooms this year and making yourself present. I know that all of us at CMS really appreciate the time you've taken the last two weeks to get in and do our full observations! It's refreshing to see such great follow through with the schedule you've created for our pre and post meetings around the observation times. It's so valuable for us to have that feedback, coaching, and support from admin and really helps the school culture. Thank you!”  ~Ashley Cox

Samantha Sowles (Middle School):

“Sami always has a smile on her face and I really love seeing her during lunchtime, staff meetings, and in passing! She always makes me feel like a welcomed addition to the CMS staff and has made this transition really enjoyable! Thanks, Sami! Keep being you!”  ~Ashley Cox

Josh Dies (Technology):

“Josh has been very helpful when we start a new semester with 60+ freshman who are new to CHS and the login procedure, and helping to get them their USERNAMES & PASSWORDS in a timely manner so we can begin classwork as soon as possible. Also, installing other needed programs and software when it became an urgent need for other classes! Thank you so much, you are appreciated!!”  ~Georgianna Baldwin

Shannon Brimley (Middle School):

“Shannon is someone I have found at CMS that I really enjoy being around! She is positive, enjoys her job, and is always willing to help me when I have a quick (or long :-D ) question. I love having our planning time at the same time every day because it allows us to connect and chat about our successes and areas of weaknesses as encore teachers! Thank you for being an amazing teammate, Shannon!”  ~Ashley Cox

Kali McKenna (Parkview):

“The Transportation Dept. would like to Thank Ms. McKenna for her continuous support of our drivers. Ms. McKenna is readily available to visit a bus to help deal with an issue that involves one of Parkviews kiddos and we appreciate all the suggestions and communication she shares with us to help us understand and better deal with our most precious cargo!”  ~Kathy Vance

Chelsea Ziegler (Middle School): 

“Chelsea has really been showing the vulnerability of herself at CMS lately and doing so with grace. I appreciate her hard work because I know it cannot be an easy job to do what she does every single day. I can tell that she has a passion and does her job with purpose! The students are always so eager to meet with her to feel that extra layer of support. Thanks Chelsea! Keep up the great work!”  ~Ashley Cox

December 2019

Gail May (Upper Elementary):

“Gail has created a learning atmosphere that is comfortable for all students. Her sense of humor makes coming to work each day a joy. We are lucky to have her as a member of our CUE Crew!”  ~Mark McGarry

Ashley Ancrile (Parkview Elementary):

“I love that I can count on Ashley as a valuable member of our team here at Parkview. She has volunteered to design reading logs for the entire school each month. It's so nice to have a streamlined design school wide and takes one small thing off of everybody's plates every week.”  ~Anonymous

Matt Elkins (Technology):

“Matt is always very prompt when helping me in the computer lab with any issues that come up.”  ~Ashley Cox

Abby Halstead (Middle School):

Abby is a great addition to CMS. She is always smiling, always compassionate, and she clearly loves what she teaches. I'm so glad to be able to work with Abby as her relationship with students is truly inspiring.”  ~Shannon Brimley 

Marie Kineman (Upper Elementary):

“Marie is our expert and baker. Her presence brightens the whole school. She always brings a smile to those she is around. We are so blessed that she is a member of our CUE Crew.”  ~Mark McGarry

Kristen Owens (Galewood Elementary):

“I love seeing Kristen's smiling face at the Galewood Office! She takes such good care of all of the kids, and really makes an effort to make students and parents feel comfortable and welcome. I love her positive attitude and she is an AMAZING team player! Thank you Kristen!”  ~Anonymous

Nicole Bensinger (Central Office):

“Nicole has been amazing in her new position! She really goes out of her way to make sure things are taken care of, and you can really tell that she cares about what she is doing. She is doing an amazing job! “  ~Anonymous

Tracy Goss (Upper Elementary):

“Tracy is creates strong relationships with her students. We are lucky to have her as a member of our CUE Crew.”  ~Mark McGarry

Deb Marquardt (Upper Elementary):

“If you look up the word advocate, you'll see a picture of Deb. She is a fierce supporter of students, and she makes us all the better because of it.”  ~Mark McGarry

Michelle Sine (Central Office):

“Michelle makes an amazing effort to make sure that everything runs smoothly in the district, even if it means making sudden building visits to help or answer questions for those in need! Thank you for everything that you do, it is much appreciated! “  ~Anonymous

Josette Sandvik (Upper Elementary): 

“Josette almost never stops working. There is never a student she doesn't feel she can help. There is never a situation that she isn't willing help out in. She is a great addition to our CUE Crew.”  ~Mark McGarry

Sean Barker (High School):

“Mr. Barker cares so much about every student in the school and dedicates his time to make sure every student is okay.”  ~Anonymous

Deb Dyrness (Galewood Elementary):

“Deb is the most caring and compassionate person I know. She comes to work each day with a mission to help children be their best selves. She cares for her students as she would her own children. I am inspired by her passion and zest for making school fun. She is uplifting to other co-workers and is not afraid to try new things. It is a joy working with Deb!”  ~Anonymous

Kathy Burt (Upper Elementary):

“Kathy is a steady leader. She sets the bar high for us to strive to meet her professionalism and knowledge. We are blessed to have her as a member of our CUE Crew.”  ~Mark McGarry

Mrs. Pinckney (High School):

“A parent contacted me to tell me how much he appreciated Ms. Pinckney's help with his student in math, and how wonderful her effort in reaching out has helped! He also said that Charlotte had been the best move for his child, and that teachers should be recognized for their hard work! Great job and also a shout out to Mr. Barker for communicating about this plan with the parent! “  ~Dr. Stewart

Deb Elkins (Upper Elementary):

“Deb is a rock of calm. She centers us. I always appreciate how she thoughtfully addresses any situation.”  ~Mark McGarry​​​​​​​

Megan Wonnacott (Upper Elementary):

“Always the first at school, Megan is a deep thinker. Her perspective and knowledge makes us a better school.”  ~Mark McGarry​​​​​​​

Julie Ferguson (Parkview Elementary):

“Julie is the most patient person I know. I would NOT want to be in charge of making sure I take care of attendance every day and she does it without ever showing any signs of frustration. Thank you, Julie, for giving me 1,000 chances to take my attendance.”  ~Dani Daniel

Anna Schmidt (Washington Elementary):

“Thank you for always being so welcoming and helpful.  You have a great way of keeping everyone calm even when they are stressed or anxious.”  ~Anonymous

Andy Czaika (Building/Grounds):

“Andy was the brains behind the lighted bus that was in the Lansing and Charlotte holiday parades.  Thank you for involving students and staff in the design and providing a fun time for those that got to the ride the bus in the parade.”  ~The Grinch

Erin Beasley (Upper Elementary):

“There isn't a problem too big or situation too complicated that Erin isn't willing to tackle head on. She has been a great addition to our CUE Crew.”  ~Mark McGarry​​​​​​​

Natalie Keyton (Parkview Elementary):

“Natalie goes above and beyond every day for her students and co-workers. I am so thankful to have her as a mentor and I know for a fact I would be lost without her. She is the glue that holds our third grade team together.”  ~Dani Daniel

Sami Sowles (Middle School):

“Sami's energy and ability to connect with students has taught me so much in the past year. She goes out of her way to make her students' days better. Her positive attitude and classroom management really makes an impact on her students.”  ~Shannon Brimley​​​​​​​

Brianna Carver (Galewood Elementary):

“Mrs. Carver has been so easy to communicate with, and has helped my son transition into his first year of school. He loves being in her class, and I feel more at ease knowing she is watching out for him each day!”  ~Erin Coffman​​​​​​​

Dillon Burns (Upper Elementary):

“Dillon is always thinking of ways to support the students and teachers. His hard work and leadership makes our school a safe and fun place to work.”  ~Mark McGarry

Carrie Richardson (Upper Elementary):

“Carrie is a cheerleader for our students. Always willing to celebrate their every accomplishment. The CUE Crew wouldn't be the same without her.”  ~Mark McGarry​​​​​​​

Kali McKenna (Parkview Elementary):

“As a first year at any job, things can get tough and stressful. Kali’s first year has been that and more, but she has handled any hardships with such grace and a smile on her face. She loves the students at Parkview and they love her. She has a pure heart and tries every day to do what is in the best interest of the students and staff. “  ~Anonymous

Adam Perry (Upper Elementary):

“Calm, collected, and always thinking ahead Adam's knowledge of the CUE and the Middle schools has allowed us to create a smooth transition from 6th to 7th grade.”  ~Mark McGarry​​​​​​​

Lucy McCalla (Parkview Elementary):

“Lucy brought me some hand warmers and chocolate for those cold days out at recess. She was so thoughtful and kind to think of how cold my poor southern hands will get!”  ~Dani Daniel

Emily Lapinski (Upper Elementary):

“From some really great catch phrases to motivating students in their writing, Emily has brought so much to our school. We're lucky to have her as a member of our CUE Crew.”  ~Mark McGarry

Courtney Quinn (Upper Elementary):

“Courtney is a leader among leaders. She is always willing to find the positive, and her heart is completely for the kids. We are so lucky to have her on our CUE Crew.”  ~Mark McGarry

Celena Bruch (Upper Elementary):

“If you look up the positive you'll see a picture of Celena. Her positivity and love for kids lights up the CUE.”  ~Mark McGarry​​​​​​​

Miranda Steward (Parkview Elementary): 

“Miranda is kind, caring, skilled, and full of ideas that she is willing to share and I feel lucky to work with her!”  ~Jane Haga​​​​​​​

Lori Bunker (Upper Elementary):

“Lori is always willing to help anyone in need. She is a crucial member of our CUE crew.”  ~Mark McGarry​​​​​​​

Sarah Rugg (Upper Elementary):

“Sarah is always thinking about ways to improve what we do to help students. She is a leader in our school.”  ~Mark McGarry​​​​​​​

Jennifer Vandermeer (Upper Elementary): 

“Jen is always smiling and always ready to help. She brings sunshine to our school.”  ~Mark McGarry​​​​​​​

Kathleen Warriner (Upper Elementary):

“Kathleen inspires a love of music. Walking into her classroom you can see even the most reluctant learner light up with the opportunity to play music. She is a treasure in our CUE Crew.”  ~Mark McGarry​​​​​​​

Cathy Cobb (Parkview Elementary):

“Cathy is so adept at what she does and always there before you know it to help with a child or an idea!”  ~Jane Haga​​​​​​​

Nick Webster (Upper Elementary):

“Nick is our Special Education Social Worker and he continues to challenge himself and grow. He is a true asset to our CUE Crew.”  ~Mark McGarry​​​​​​​

Anita Ackley (Upper Elementary):

“Anita is always looking to help students. She works tirelessly and the CUE would not be the same without her.”  ~Mark McGarry​​​​​​​

Lisa Bullen (Upper Elementary):

“Lisa is a leader among us. She is always looking for ways to make us better. Her insights and ideas make us better. She is a true asset to the CUE Crew.”  ~Mark McGarry

Lance Beasley (High School):

 “Super nice and funny.  Great teacher!”  ~DJ

Sean Barker (High School):

He is funny and nicest teacher you can meet.  He cares about everyone, but has a horrible taste in football.”  ~Anonymous

Lance Beasley (High School):

 “He is an awesome teacher that knows what Charlotte used to be and he wants to bring it back.”  ~Joshua Garn

Andrew Schroetter (High School):

 “He makes choir really fun and enjoyable, but also makes sure we get done what needs to be done. Overall he creates a really positive atmosphere and it is fun and relaxed. :)”  ~Aryana Clark

Brent Crossman (High School):

 “He helps students a lot more than most other teachers and gets you what you need when your gone, he helped me get caught up when I was gone for a week.”  ~Jameson Rubio

Brent Crossman (High School):

 “He is a really good teacher, explains thing good so everyone can understand, and has helped improve my grade from last years in social studies.”  ~Mariah

Sean Barker (High School):

 “He did the Bird Feeder so nobody went hungry and it is free for all students.”  ~Morgan Summer

Dillon Burns (Middle School):

 “He was a great teacher and when he was teaching I understood very well what he was teaching.  ~Kyle Miles

Sean Barker (High School):

“Thanks for being a lot of fun.  I enjoy having my 4th hour with you.  You know how to bring a smile to people’s faces.”  ~Mitchell

Lance Beasley (High School):

“He’s shown Charlotte students their light at Charlotte High School and that we can grow as a school and as a class group.”  ~Blaine Columbia

Jacob Briney (Upper Elementary): 

“He always helped me in math and science, but when I couldn’t understand he still helped me and made it so I got great grades.”  ~Chrisma

Brent Crossman (High School): 

“He is really good at teaching and making it fun.”  ~Alexis Schodowski

Brent Crossman (High School): 

“He makes sure that everyone knows what they are missing and he always makes the day better and more fun.”  ~Trinidy Pettigrew

Sean Barker (High School):

 “He makes English super fun and engaging. He's a really funny teacher and he does a great job of explaining things. Keep up the good work Mr. Barker :)”  ~Aryana Clark

Brandon Schmitt (High School):

 “Wanted to thank you for all the help you gave me in my seminar class.”  ~Mitchell

Lance Beasley (High School):

 “He gets people working and sometimes gives us free time but it actually makes us work harder.”  ~Jose Rubio

Ryan Guimont (High School):

 “Mr. G works great with the special education students and creates real bonds with them. He cares so much about his students in a way I’ve never seen before, he is compassionate and an all around great person.”  ~Avery Tuller

Jenifer Woods (Middle School):

“Mrs.Wood is an amazing teacher. I wasn't that great of a student to her, or the class. For some reason she always help me out, and make sure I was good, and help out with my work. She’s a great teacher. I wish I was a better student for her.”  ~Trevor Brower

Jennifer Pinckney (High School):

“Mrs. Pinckney is a great teacher and makes algebra easy and fun (which is close to impossible, at least for me). My grades in math have greatly improved ever since she started teaching me, and I always look forward to her class. :)  ~Aryana Clark

Jennifer Pinckney (High School): 

“I haven't had a good past with math but you have shown me that i can do better things if i try my hardest. Math isn't my strong suit but I can understand it now because you have helped me!!! I just wanted to say thank you for putting up with me even when I get annoying, also I just want to say sorry for my behavior.”  ~Faith Shook

Brent Crossman (High School):

 “Mr. Crossman is a really funny teacher who makes history fun. I love that he does the raffles and rewards students for doing what they're supposed to, and rewards the ones that go above and beyond. I hope I have him throughout high school! :)”  ~Aryana Clark

Sean Barker (High School): 

“Mr.Barker, he is a cool/funny teacher. He helps me/people out. He might sound, or look scary, but he has a nice heart, and will love to help out. Just do your work. He helps out people if they ask him what they can do to get their grades up. Just to get them up, or for sports just like me so thank you Mr.Barker.”  ~Trevor Brower

Michaelle Converse (High School):

 “Mrs. Converse can be a bit old-fashioned with her teaching sometimes, but always manages to make art fun. She is good at making people laugh and enjoy art class. Thank you! :)”  ~Aryana Clark

Matt Gordeneer (Upper Elementary):

 “When Matt came to the CUE I thought we would take a year off of competitive robotics, but Matt jumped right in not only organizing the CUE Robotics Team, but the Middle School's as well. If you look up "go-getter" you'll get a picture of Matt Gordeneer. We're blessed to have him on our CUE Crew.”  ~Mark McGarry

Andrew Schroetter (High School):

 “When the cyber bullying went on coming from the middle schooler and you handled that and set her/them straight and stood up for what was right and not what was comfortable for you, it really showed that you care about how we feel and what goes on in your classes matters. Thank you for taking care of that situation, and doing all in your power to try and make sure it doesn’t happen again.”  ~Ayla

Brent Crossman (High School):

 “I never liked history but, Mr. Crossman makes the class a lot more fun. I'm sometimes not up to go to school and when I go to his class I leave happy and ready to go on to my next class.”  ~Jaron McDaniel

Lisa Spoelstra (High School):

“Lisa does such an amazing job teaching our LINKS students to work with their counterparts and friends. The relationships forged among this group of our students is wonderful and is a credit to what Lisa does on a daily basis to teach empathy and guide our students.”  ~Anonymous

Lance Beasley (High School):

“Best teacher. GOAT”  ~Jensen McCrimmon

Bill Blair (High School):

 “Mr. Blair is a tank and is a great teacher.”  ~Jayden S.

Bill Blair (High School):

 “He actually teachers us.”  ~Anonymous

Fred Koning (Middle School):

“Fred has my eternal respect. Everything he does he does to help students reach their full potential. We're lucky to have him in our community.”  ~Mark McGarry

Bill Blair (High School):

“Mr. Blair is a tank and very cool.” ~Seth Miller

Mike Baker (High School):

“I feel that he is doing a great job because first of all, he's very funny, and he puts forth an effort to actually know what's going on with his students, and he makes learning fun.”  ~Kaylyn Jones

Bill Blair (High School):

 “He is doing great because, he is always there to help people with their projects. If you are struggling he is able to help you finish or help. I think he always goes above and beyond because he is very helpful.” ~Anonymous

Katelyn Kelley (High School):

 “She is always nice and respectful. She also makes her class fun and enjoyable “  ~Annabelle Densmore

Jacob Briney (Upper Elementary):

 “He is always there for his students. He tries to make learning fun, and a good environment. Also he always tries and does put smiles on others and his students faces.”  ~Emma Tooker

Lance Beasley (High School):

“He was planning on leaving for Holt and last minute he changed his mind because he didn’t want to leave us.”  ~Davis

Brandon Schmitt (High School):

 “He deals with us very well in not a very good class.”  ~Bronson Arndt

Courtney Quinn (Upper Elementary):

 “Always here to make sure students are always having fun and will always talk to them about something going on. Has made a big impact on my life.”  ~Anonymous

Michaelle Converse (High School):

 “She gives time to our class and materials to be able to finish our art work.”  ~Merissa K

Nick Boucher (Upper Elementary):

“Nick is a pleasure to work with. He is working hard for students and teachers at the Middle School and his efforts impress me daily. I am grateful to call him a colleague.”  ~Mark McGarry

Jerry Rose (High School):

“Mr. Rose is always so patient with all of his students. He is constantly making his students feel accepted, even through his jokes. He makes Charlotte a better community, not only with the band, but by his contributions.”  ~Hillary Davis

Katelyn Kelley (High School):

 “She is very nice to the students and never in a bad mood. I understand everything she teaches she also always makes everything in her class fun and enjoyable!”  ~Braden Hill

Sean Barker (High School):

 “He is a great teacher and interacts with his class well. He can control a class easily but can also be chill when he wants to.”  ~Anonymous

Bill Blair (High School):

“You always help us when we need it.  You give us good grades.” ~Alex

Katelyn Walters (High School):

 “She makes class more fun by doing hands on activities.”  ~Alexis Conway

Cynthia Ricks (Middle School):

 “Ms.Ricks made everything really interactive and fun and I really enjoyed her class and I also have retained more information than I have in any other science class.  ~Joseph Worden

Sean Barker (High School):

“They actually made me wanna learn because he wasn't annoying or mean. He’s funny.”  ~Eric Potter

Anne Couturier (High School):

 “She has helped me to figure out what I need to do.”  ~Alexis Arnett

Katelyn Kelley (High School):

“She is teaching us about animals well.” ~Anonymous

Lance Beasley (High School):

“He has been the most relaxed teacher but still gets us to do our work.” ~Joseph Dale

Jenifer Wood (Middle School):

 “Great teacher and helped me through a lot.”  ~Lexton Rhoden

Marlo Wiltse (High School):

 “She helps me out a lot!” ~Hayley Swank

Brent Crossman (High School):

 “Thank you for  helping with cancer, trying to raise money and always checking in on people making sure our school is a better place.”  ~Makayla LaClear

Jade Bowhall (High School):

 “She is a great teacher.  I love how she really tries to help everyone understand the material.”  ~Anonymous

Sean Barker (High School): 

“Thank you for raising food to make sure kids have food.”  ~Makayla LaClear

Brent Crossman (High School):

“He is nice and helps me when I’m stuck.”  ~Anonymous

Mike Baker (High School):

 “He is a fun teacher but he also helps us with getting work done.”  ~Anonymous

Brent Crossman (High School):

 “Thank you for helping me keep my grades up and keeping me on track.” ~Anonymous

Sean Barker (High School):

 “If you ever need someone to talk to Mr. Barker is the best.  He will keep your secrets and he will help as much as he can.  You can tell he truly loves his students.”  ~Brailey Dunn

Brent Crossman (High School):

 “He helps me like no other teacher has and he pushed me harder than I have ever been pushed before.”  ~Trevor Jefferson

Brent Crossman (High School):

 “He is always there if you need help on something and if I’m being honest I don’t like history but he makes it fun but at the same time you remember and I really like it.”  ~Anonymous

Brent Crossman (High School):

 “He has raised so much money for cancer cures and research for a good job.  You have made history fun for me and I loved it.  For that I got to get better at all my levels of school.  Thank you.”  ~Logan Z

Jade Bowhall (High School):

 “She helps everyone when needed and I never really got math but this year so far I’ve never felt better about math and looking forward to the rest of this year in her class.”  ~Adam Battisfore

Lisa Olney (Upper Elem/Middle School):

“Lisa is always willing to help us. She is an incredible person who we're lucky to have be one of our faces at the CUE/CMS.”  ~Mark McGarry

Julie Crossman (High School):

 “Helps people with their work when they have a question.” ~Damien

Lance Beasley (High School):

“He tries his hardest to get students where they need to be and more.”  ~Hope

Lance Beasley (High School):

 “Is such a great person and lifts everyone up and is just so great.”  ~Gabbi Romero

Sean Barker (High School):

 “He is always on his game and making sure everyone does their work and his cool.”  ~Anonymous

Lance Beasley (High School):

 “He is a role model to students and is very nice to everyone he comes across.” ~Eann Spotts

Sean Barker (High School):

 “He makes sure that we get our work done and he pushes us to do better.  Also, he is a really good, nice and amazing person overall.”  ~Fulton Reed

Sean Barker (High School):

 “He never gives up on us and is always there for people.”  ~Quincy

Abbi Halstead (Middle School):

 “Happy, uplifting and she is so nice.”  ~Anonymous

Nick Thompson (High School):

  “He has always been very helpful and understanding.”  ~Tanis Frohriep

Katie Walters (High School):

 “Thank you for making learning zoology fun.”  ~Madison Baker

Jenifer Wood (Middle School):

 “She has helped me with a lot of stuff and I’m glad I had her for 3 classes in a day.  I miss you Mrs. Wood.  I’ll visit you.”  ~Ethan Koenig

Maureen Candy (Upper Elementary):

 “Maureen is the newest member of our front office staff at the CUE, and we couldn't be happier to have such a positive and hard working addition to our crew.”  ~Mark McGarry

Sean Barker (High School):

 “They have created the Bird Feeder for Charlotte.”  ~Anonymous

Jerry Rose (High School):

 “He always makes class fun while still teaching effectively.”  ~Selena Padilla

Kristin Toadvine (High School):

 “She always has a smile on her face and she is always helping anyone who needs help. She is also very sweet and she never lets anyone make her feel and be down.”  ~Lakota Lance

Sean Barker (High School):

“He is my favorite teacher and I think its awesome he started the Bird Feeder.”  ~Anonymous

Michaelle Converse (High School):

 “She helps me with my art work and she also provides entertainment so it's always fun in her room.”  ~Kylee Curtiss

Sean Barker (High School):

“Mr. Barker is cool.” ~Anonymous

Mike Baker (High School):

 “Mr. Baker is nice”  ~Anonymous

Brent Crossman (High School):

 “He is really good at teaching about Michigan’s history.”  ~Anonymous

Brent Crossman (High School):

 “He is a fun person to be around and he really helps and makes you look forward to his class and it’s great.” ~Anonymous

Jerry Rose (High School):

 “He is great at teaching band and knows how to deal with kids.”  ~Anonymous

Kristin Toadvine (High School):

 “She makes sure we learn what we are supposed to.” ~Anonymous

Jennifer Pinckney (High School):

 “She has taken the time to check on me and her other students to make sure they are ok.”  ~Anonymous

Jennifer Williams (Upper Elementary):

 “Calm, cool, and collected Mrs. Williams is always ready to help. We're lucky to have her on our CUE Crew.”  ~Mark McGarry

Katelyn Kelley (High School):

 “She is kind and always tries to help students by going above and beyond.”  ~Collin Schmidt

Sean Barker (High School):

“He created the bird feeder for students here. Mr. Barker is one of my favorite teachers. even though he is tough on students you know he cares. He also is a part of the restorative justice program.”  ~Bella Trevino

Sean Barker (High School):

 “He knows how to deal with high school students.”  ~Anonymous

Chris Hutton (High School):

 “Literally one of the best teachers of all time.  He teaches while also giving you responsibility to learn on your own, making your choice if you choose to pass or fail on your own accord.” ~Selena Padilla

Erin Turner (Middle School):

 “She is very nice and she is a lot of fun. She is always there when you need her the most. She has helped me through tough challenges in middle school. So I would like to thank her for all that she has done for me and for the other students that she has known and seen around the school.”  ~Lakota Lance

Jerry Rose (High School):

 “Mr. Rose is always such a great person and role model. He is always taking his time to make Charlotte Bands better and better each day!! Mr. Rose is always here if you need him, and just a great person!!”  ~Lauren White

Stacie Detgen (Upper Elementary):

 “Stacie's high expectations and heart for students work together to help our students make beautiful music. She is an important member of our CUE Crew!”  ~Mark McGarry

Georgianna Baldwin (High School):

 “Ms.Baldwin has been there to help kids in many ways, if I had another teacher I don't think i would pass that class but she has helped me all throughout the semester. She is also runs BPA which gives kids the opportunity to do something that they haven’t gotten to do before.”  ~Marleigh Davis

Sue Bartolacci (Washington Elem):

“Mrs. Bartolacci is retiring after over 16 years of service to our students and staff. As a paraprofessional, she had a gift of connecting with each student. As a volunteer, she would help teachers each week with Friday folders. She has given our schools more than just her time, but her dedication.”  ~Kathy Burt

Matt Larsen (Transportation Dept):

 “Matt goes out of his way to make the students on his bus feel cared for and happy. He got each student a special holiday treat before break and greets every student (and parent) with enthusiasm and optimism! Matt brings so much positivity to our students as the start and end their days!”  ~Anonymous

Brent Crossman (High School):

 “Brent works tirelessly to support students and teach at a rigorous level. He encourages excellence and keeps students engaged in learning. Brent is an asset to CHS!”  ~Anonymous

Kevin Robinson (High School):

 “Kevin focuses on learning and higher-level thinking, engaging students in strong critical thinking skills. His challenging classroom environment pushes students to do more than they realized they could!”  ~Anonymous

Julie Crossman (High School):

 “Julie takes on so much extra behind the scenes, and she balances all of that work with a fun and engaging classroom that students love! She cares so much for her colleagues and her students, always looking out for others and creatively thinking of solutions to problems that extend far beyond her own immediate needs. Julie is thoughtful and dedicated, and we are lucky to have her at CHS!”  ~Anonymous

Abby Halstead (Middle School):

 “Abby is so energetic, creative, and positive with her students! Her learning environment is engaging, and she plans creatively and carefully to encourage learning from all levels! Abby works tirelessly and dedicates so much of her own time to her students! Abby brings so much to our Middle School!”  ~Anonymous

Tracy Evans (High School):

 “Oh my goodness is Tracy amazing! She brings such a confident, warm, caring smile to the High School main office! When problems arise, Tracy simply handles those issues with grace and compassion! Tracy brings so much energy to CHS!”  ~Anonymous

Heidi Rysko (High School):

 “Heidi has such a calm, confident demeanor as she greets staff and students in our main office. She is so positive and helpful, and we are lucky to have her at CHS!”  ~Anonymous

Bobby Hejnal (High School):

 “Bobby balances a positive sense of humor with high expectations for students. He is quick to check in on people, both colleagues and students, who are struggling, and he jumps in to help whenever he can!”  ~Anonymous

Joe Wimmer (High School):

 “Joe is so dedicated to our students! Despite the classroom he is in, he brings such a genuine, caring perspective to the students, never passing up an opportunity to harness a teachable moment. Students are so excited when they know Joe will be in one of their classes, and they treasure his stories and his optimism! We are lucky to have Joe with us!”  ~Anonymous

Jerry Rose (High School):

 “Jerry is so dedicated to our band program, and he pushes our students to realize more potential than they even knew possible! He has a high standard that clearly emerges in our band performances, but it also appears in the growth and dedication of our band students even beyond their band commitments. Jerry's efforts help our students grow in all aspects of their lives!”  ~Anonymous

Michelle Marchand (Upper Elementary):

 “Michelle cares so deeply for each student in her classroom, and she works tirelessly to create positive opportunities for her students! She makes learning fun and encourages students to reach goals that they didn't realize were possible! Her creativity is amazing, as she finds subtle, meaningful ways to recognize students for their growth and dedication! Michelle is truly an asset to the CUE!”  ~Anonymous

Pam Clevenger (Upper Elementary):

 “Pam is always working hard for students. Her efforts to support our students at the CUE do not go unnoticed. Thank you Pam!”  ~Mark McGarry

November 2019

Tamera Weissenborn (Upper Elementary):

“Mrs. Weissenborn went above and beyond the help a student after school. He was petrified to get on his bike because of spiders. Mrs. Weissenborn took the time to brush the bike off, turn it upside down, shake it clean, and send him on his way.”  ~Ms. Hadley

Janelle Cross (Galewood Elem):

“Janelle spent a big portion of her Saturday helping me get my new kindergarten room ready for action. She has been so supportive and helpful as I have transitioned into this new role.”  ~Julie Davis

Deanna Milligan (Parkview/Washington):

“Deanna is always willing to help out when needed. She has switched classes with me so that I could finish projects with students when I was needed to sub. Thank you Deanna for always seeing what is best for students and helping out!”  ~Ken Wright

Julie Davis (Galewood Elementary):

“Ms. Davis has taken over a classroom that was in need of consistency and guidance.”  ~Danielle Patterson

Karen Scheurer (Parkview Elem):

“She is caring, approachable and makes learning fun for her class everyday!” ~Rheagan and Chris Anderson 

Brent Crossman (High School):

“Brent always has such a positive attitude. He makes problems seem so small and he's always willing to go the extra mile to make sure all the I's are dotted and the T's are crossed. Thank you!!!”  ~Anonymous

Julie Gilbert (Galewood Elem):

“Julie gave up a big portion of her Saturday to help me prepare my new kindergarten classroom. She also has worked tirelessly to support all staff at Galewood.”  ~Julie Davis

Roxanne Rhines (Parkview Elem):

“Parkview is blessed to have an employee like Roxanne Rhines. She is supportive, does what is best for children, and is always a smiling face as the students come through the lunch line. She is willing to make changes when needed, and has created great relationships with our staff. Thank you Roxanne!”  ~Kali McKenna

Michelle Sine (Central Office):

“Michelle goes above and beyond every day to support every person she comes across in a friendly and positive manner. She helps to organize events for the schools and community alike. CPS is lucky to have Michelle!”  ~Anonymous

Heidi Ransom (Parkview Elem):

“If laughter is the best medicine, Heidi keeps a smile on everyone's face. She reminds us to lighten up and have a laugh amidst the day to day grind. I truly appreciate seeing her sense of humor...from the bathroom, to the lounge, to the daily email announcements. Thank you, Heidi!”  ~Natalie Keyton

Jerry Rose (High School):

“Jerry orchestrates, with great precision, such professional performances from our bands! From the Marching Band show this year to the Veteran Concert last night, Jerry demonstrates Oriole Pride through his high standard for excellence and his commitment to student success.”  ~Anonymous

Brian Latty (Food Service):

“Brian always has a smile on his face and greets everyone sincerely! I always look forward to seeing Brian at lunch time, seeing him interact with students and staff! He brings so much energy and positivity to CHS!”  ~Anonymous

Steve Matzen (Parkview/Washington):

“Steve is always willing to help out fellow educators. He goes above and beyond to take on extra classes when everyone is squeezed for subs.”  ~Ken Wright

Julie Davis (Galewood Elem):

“Julie bravely chooses what is best for students every single time and is doing an amazing job in her new role as a Kindergarten teacher!”  ~Anonymous

John Moran (High School):

“John takes such pride in CHS and dedicates so much to represent our school and our students so positively. His commitment to speak at the band concert this week was demanding, but he did so with great poise and passion. Amidst all of his involvements, John looks out for others and maintains a high standard!”  ~Anonymous

Josh Dies (Technology):

“Josh responds so quickly to my technology requests and works to be thorough in getting that work accomplished! Thanks for all you do, Josh!”  ~Anonymous

Abbie Brown (Galewood Elem):

“Abbie has checked on me every day since I started teaching in this new kindergarten classroom. She has offered materials and ideas and especially emotional support.”  ~Julie Davis

Erin Beasley (Upper Elementary):

“Mrs. Beasley is truly invested not only in giving her kids the best education she can, but also takes a true interest in them personally. Our son is having some minor health issues that resulted in him missing nearly two weeks, in addition to a few other days intermittently. Mrs. Beasley kept consistent communication with us, prepared homework and instructions to keep our son on track and reassured us as parents that everything would be okay. When he returned to school she was kind enough to give us updates through the day on how he was doing. I cannot thank her enough for her support and encouragement through this time.”  ~Vedder Family

Michelle Sine (Central Office):

“Michelle and her family made such a generous donation to the Bird Feeder food drive this week, and their contribution is greatly appreciated!”  ~Anonymous

Andy Czaika (Building/Grounds):

“Andy is a behind the scenes employee. He takes pride in his work and as a new principal he has been a great asset to making Parkview a better place. I reached out to Andy one afternoon about a request for Parkview, and within the morning of the next day he was out walking Parkview with me to gain a better perspective of the requests. We had a wonderful conversation and before I knew it, he was back out with his team working on making a vision come to life. I appreciate him taking the time to come out and look forward to working with him and his team in the future!”  ~Kali McKenna

Tracy Evans (High School):

“Tracy reaches so far above and beyond to help the staff at CHS. Every day, she gives so much to make the biggest challenges seem so possible! Tracy is a treasure at CHS!”  ~Anonymous

Bobby Hejnal (High School):

“Bobby goes out of his way to help anyone he can whenever he can! Although his own plate is FULL, Bobby willingly helps everyone and does so with a calm, reassuring smile! He puts others first everyday!”  ~Anonymous

Joe Wimmer (High School):

“Joe is so great with students, always finding a way to bring humor and genuine kindness into the classroom. He supports students and other staff members, always looks out for others, and helps everyone, students and staff alike, find balance between the stresses of work and school and the importance of genuine conversation and connection!”  ~Anonymous

Lorry Chadderon (Parkview):

“She is so great with the children and so kind so helpful she like an angel.”  ~Anonymous

Roxanne Rhines (Parkview Elem):

“She always has a smile on her face and makes the kids feel so good about themselves. She takes the time to talk to our students and get to know them. They are not just a number to her they are like her own grandchildren.”  ~Trisha Abbott

Steve Matzen (Washington Elem):

“ Words cannot say enough the appreciation we have at Washington for the endless support you have been giving. The Washington Staff appreciates what you did for the team on Friday to support a fellow encore teammate as well as supporting teachers to be able to meet . You are a valuable team player.”  ~Jason Setter

Abbie Brown (Galewood Elem):

“Mrs Brown is a phenomenal teacher. She always goes above and beyond to encourage her students, to instill the expectations, and to praise them for each success that they have. We appreciate her and her outstanding work ethic and caring compassionate demeanor. She is a treasure to Galewood.”  ~Anonymous

James Owens (Parkview Elem):

“He is always ready to jump in and help with whatever is needed from a kid just needing someone to talk to to playing sharks and minos at recess! He is a great teammate to have at our school. We are lucky to have him.”  ~Trisha Abbott

Casie Adams (Parkview Elementary):

“Our school is blessed to have this lady working here. She always makes the kids feel special in their own way and gets them to smile even if they are having a rough day. She is the best!!”  ~Trisha Abbott

Ms. Bowhall (High School): 

“She guides students and doesn’t give up on them”  ~Lizzie Johnson

Dennis Richardson (Middle School):

“Dennis is a fixture of CMS. Although he’s forgotten how long he’s been here, his impact has never dulled over time. Last year, I recall students consistently commenting on how much they loved him, and the same is true this year. Students who may have proved to be challenging have come back to tell him how much they love and miss him. That’s the power of never giving up on kids - using love, guidance, and high expectations. Thank you, Dennis, for your dedication to our kids and this school. CMS wouldn’t be the same without you.”  ~Abby Halstead

Julie Crossman (High School):

“My daughter loves her anatomy class, Mrs. Crossman has a very innovative class and has inspired my daughter to look into careers in the health field. Thank you for all you do Mrs. Crossman.”  ~Anonymous

Kevin Robinson (Middle School):

“For being a Great 8th Basketball Coach and for taking time to have my Grandson with special needs on his team”  ~Stevie’s Grandparents

Jill Cates (Middle School):

“I think Jill was the first teacher to introduce herself to me last year, offering me any support and help she could. Since then, I have often looked at Jill as a Teacher Mom. She is a vast wealth of knowledge, resources, and experience - all of which I have grown immensely because of. If I ever have a question about pretty much anything, I know I can go to Jill for help. She is always right there, willing to assist in whatever way she can. Thank you so much, Jill, for being who you are. You do a great job of having high expectations for our students, while equally having that same amount of love and care for them. This world needs more teachers like you! “  ~Abby Halstead

Mr. Hejnal (High School):

“He makes his environment a safe place for anyone to go.”  ~Lizzie Johnson

Ms. Bowhall (High School):

“She's connected with many students in ways I've never seen before. She not only creates a friendship but she's able to connect and help them. She's an outstanding math teacher and she's able to teach many who struggled before.”  ~Anonymous

Julie Masters (Middle School):

“Typically when I see Julie, two things come to my face: a smile and a cookie (or a few). Julie is a dependable, devoted, caring, and happy teacher and colleague. Last year, I had the chance to work in her class occasionally, and I was in awe of how well she loved and empowered her students. These kids are well-loved under her care! I am so happy to have a colleague such as Julie. Although her cookies are fantastic and always make staff meetings that much more enjoyable, she is worth infinitely more than her culinary skills. Julie, thank you for serving this school so well. It would not be the same without you!”  ~Abby Halstead

Ryan Guimont (High School):

“Ryan has a fantastic program for some of our students with special needs. His students are presenting at the MACUL Student Technology Showcase (December 4th) at the capital!”  ~Anonymous

Erin Turner (Middle School):

“Erin is a great neighbor to have. She is always willing to help out when someone needs it - and all with a smile on her face! She is kind, thoughtful, loving, and caring. Thank you, Erin, for being a great teacher and even better colleague and friend.”  ~Abby Halstead

Robin Porter (High School):

“Such a great Cross Country Coach! Excellent communication and connected with each runner. Her team banquet highlighted every runner's gains and was so personable. She also took the time to make player packets which included awards and each runner's times from start of season to the end. Pretty awesome. Thanks Coach!”  ~Kim Weicht

Shannon Brimley (Middle School):

“I quite often go to check my mailbox in the morning just so I can stop and chat with Shannon for a few minutes. She always brings a calm, purpose-filled, determined outlook to the day. Thank you, Shannon, for giving your all and allowing students to fully express their creativity in a way that is challenging yet appropriate. I am so excited to see how these young artists flourish from your guidance and support!”  ~Abby Halstead

Ken Wright (Washington/Parkview Elem):

“Mr. Wright goes out of his way to help others whenever possible for example providing specials time when one isn't available!! This is great for students and teachers!”  ~Jane Haga

Julie Crossman (High School):

“Helping to shape students lives. I am where I am because she believes in you.”  ~Anonymous

Emily Nenortas (Aquatic Center):

“Emily does so much to assist everyone she comes into contact with. She is thorough, friendly and makes everyone feel welcome and appreciated.”  ~Anonymous

Mr. Moran (High School):

“He makes students care about what they are learning.”  ~Lizzie Johnson

Emily Makinster (Middle School):

“Emily always brings joy to my day. She has been such a solid colleague and friend to have. She gives her all every day, doing her best to teach her students and learn along the way. We are frequently bouncing ideas off one another, despite teaching subjects that seemingly have very little to do with each other. She has made this year richer, more fulfilling, and more joy-filled. Thank you, Emily, for giving your all and being such a fantastic teacher and friend.”  ~Abby Halstead

Mike Sparks (High School):

“He has made athletes come together and become closer instead of athletes fighting all the time he’s made athletes accountable for their actions. He’s getting students involved with sports.”  ~Josh Valenzuela 

Ken Wright (Parkview Elementary):

“This guy makes learning science so much fun!! The kids always look forward to having science to see what he has new to show them. He keeps them so engaged in learning and makes sure each one of them understand the material! He totally rocks!!”  ~Trisha Abbott

Tamilyn Nixon (High School):

“Tamilyn has a fantastic program for some of our students with special needs. Her students are presenting at the MACUL Student Technology Showcase (December 4th) at the capital!”  ~Anonymous

Sami Sowles (Middle School):

“Sami always has a smile on her face! She is well-loved by staff and students alike. Her sense of humor and easy going nature help bring joy to the school. Thank you, Sami, for consistently bringing the sunshine!”  ~Abby Halstead​​​​​​​

Nicki Bensinger (Central Office):

“Nicki’s infectious laugh and consummate professionalism is a great representation of ALL that is GREAT in Charlotte Schools”  ~Anonymous

Karen Scheurer (Parkview Elementary):

“Every single day she made my child feel special. She truly cared and pushed him to be the best he could be. She kept in touch during the school year toilet near and my husband know what was going on with our child. She even came to his soccer game after school to watch him and support him. I can't say enough about this amazing and awesome teacher!! She is the BEST!!! She even loves the best sports teams in Michigan!!! Go Blue!! ”  ~Amanda Rosin

Steve Matzen (Washington/Parkview Elem):

“Mr. Matzen has gone above and beyond by doubling up classes whenever possible when someone loses their special- this helps students and teachers!!” ~Jane Haga​​​​​​​

Christian Xanthopoulos (Middle School):

“Christian does a great job of preparing his 8th graders for high school and beyond. He places an emphasis on this, which is refreshing to see! His students will be more ready and well-rounded because of this. Thank you, Christian, for being a thoughtful, funny, dependable, consistent, calm teacher and colleague. You are appreciated!”  ~Abby Halstead​​​​​​​

Bobby Hejnal (High School):

“Mr. Hejnal is a teacher at CHS. I believe he has gone above and beyond his teaching requirements. He makes it a point to make his classroom a safe environment for ALL students, and put in extra effort to get to know kids around the school regardless if he has them in class. As a student, it’s nice to have a teacher who values the well being of his students above rigorous course work and standards we are held to. Mr. Hejnal is a gold star standard of what makes CPS so great.” ~Kenzie​​​​​​​

Amy Dalton (Middle School):

“Seeing Amy always brings a peaceful smile to my face. When she walks, I imagine a trail of magical fairy dust sprinkling onto the ground behind her. She has this well-composed, bright, joyful, enthusiastic, caring persona that is absolutely infectious. The students love her - for this and for the care she shows them. She has also been a reliable, helpful, eager colleague to have. Thank you, Amy, for your commitment to excellence and to our students!”  ~Abby Halstead​​​​​​​

Emily Nenortas (Aquatic Center):

“Emily is always extremely helpful, knowledgeable and officiant in the Aquatic Center / Recreation department. Her office is always neat and clean; and she always greets you with a smile!”  ~Anonymous

Mrs. Crossman (High School):

“She listens to students and cares about the education they receive.” ~Lizzie Johnson

Megan Hagerty (Middle School):

“Megan is always a colleague I know I can go to for anything - whether that’s if I have a question about how to do something, if I need advice, or if I simply want to share a story that made me smile that day. I know that she will be willing to help me out and will share in my joy! I also get called Ms. Hagerty about 10-20 times a day, but I can’t be upset about getting mistaken for such a great teacher and individual. Thank you, Megan, for your humor, consistency, and thoughtfulness.”  ~Abby Halstead​​​​​​​

Mike Sparks (High School):

“You're a coach and a leader but so much more. Thanks for all you do!” ~S

Carolyn Capozzo (Middle School):

“Carolyn is the definition of care and commitment. She advocates for her students and does all that she can to help set them up for success. Her students - even if they don’t realize it - are SO fortunate to have someone like her on their side. She has been such a kind, joyful, helpful colleague to have. Thank you, Carolyn, for the tireless work you’ve done for this school and your students. You are so appreciated!!”  ~Abby Halstead​​​​​​​

Mrs. Carter (High School):

“she takes pride in seeing her students succeed and ensures they know how proud she is of them.”  ~Lizzie Johnson

Kim Telfor (Technology):

“Kim is the best. She goes above and beyond and will always support where needed. We are so lucky to have her at Parkview (and in Charlotte)!”  ~Kali McKenna

Shannon Nevins (Middle School):

“When I think about devotion to Charlotte, Shannon is the first person to come to mind. Shannon is an Oriole, through and through, and her passion for this community is evident in all that she does. She loves this school and her students well! Shannon is also incredibly enthusiastic about math. It’s refreshing to see a teacher who is that passionate about the subject they teach. When teachers are excited about teaching, it helps students to be excited about learning. Thank you, Shannon, for encouraging that same spirit in your students!”  ~Abby Halstead

Sarah Davis (Middle School):

“This school is full of teachers who are willing to go out of their way to help someone else out, and Sarah is no exception. I have gone to her more times than I can count for a variety of things: to borrow mini whiteboards, how to find term 2 in skyward, and how to view scores for NWEA. Sarah took out a large chunk of her time at the beginning of the year to help teach the ELA department the ‘in’s and ‘out’s of the NWEA test. I am so grateful for that! Thank you for your help and for your sense of humor! My days are brighter and smoother because of you.”  ~Abby Halstead

John Moran (High School):

“He’s an outstanding teacher who really makes a difference in young peoples’ lives.” ~Anonymous

Kathleen Warriner (Upper Elementary):

“Kathleen's commitment to her students and to the music program at CPS make her an amazing asset to our school. We are lucky to have her on our staff!”  ~Angi Jewell

Abby Kuhn (Middle School):

“Besides having the best name ever, Abby has many other admirable qualities: kindness, a welcoming disposition, perseverance through difficult situations, and exciting lessons. Abby has been a great addition to CMS and we are very lucky to have her! Thank you, Abby, for your bright smile, caring heart, and commitment to this school and your students.”  ~Abby Halstead

Brian Latty (Food Service):

“Mr. Latty does great work, getting food to our hungry kids and being a positive presence to the district! He has stepped up this year with his wonderful on camera talent, and makes great efforts to publicize ways to meet our needs for kids!”  ~Dr. Stewart

Sami Sowles (Middle School):

“Sami has created some amazing projects for her STEM class. She most recently had students make a gift for teachers in the middle school that would mean something to them. Students even write notes to thank teachers. The students did a fantastic job on the project. Keep up the great work Sami!!”  ~Shannon Nevins​​​​​​​

Rachel Murawski (Middle School):

“Rachel is such a great teammate to have. She has been very helpful in sharing ideas and resources! I am so grateful to have Rachel as a colleague. She also gives her all to her students, going out of her way to meet them where they are and help them to best succeed. Thank you for all you do for your students - the hard work will pay off.”  ~Abby Halstead​​​​​​​

Cindy Hosek (High School):

“She was my favorite teacher throughout highschool and I loved having her. She goes above and beyond for her students all the time!”  ~Allison VanAlstine 

Morgan Englehart (Middle School):

“Ms. E works with our students with special needs every day. She does a great job providing them extra help, being patient and helping them learn to be their own advocate in the classroom. “  ~Anonymous

Deborah LaPaugh (Transportation):

“Deborah washed and sorted all the lost and found items at the transportation department from last school year so it could be donated. That was a lot of work and much appreciated! We donated the items back to the schools.”  ~Karen Tomlinson

Jenn Wood (Middle School):

“Jenn is the type of teacher I wish I could have had when I was in school. Whenever I have a question and ask her, she explains things in a way that is clear, patient, and understanding. She also has such a bright smile and personality that I can’t help but feel happier after I interact with her. Similar to many other teachers, Jenn has taken time out of her day to help teach me different programs CMS uses that I was unfamiliar with. I am so grateful for her. Truly. She has been such a bright light in my time at CMS! She’s also hilarious. Thank you, Jenn, for being your equally sweet and sassy self!”  ~Abby Halstead​​​​​​​

Natasha Cortez (Middle School):

“Ms. Cortez works with our students with special needs every day. She does a great job providing them extra help, being patient and helping them learn to be their own advocate in the classroom.”  ~Anonymous

Nick Boucher (Middle School):

“Nick has done a phenomenal job serving as the principal of CMS. He is supportive, thoughtful, kind, firm, and hilarious. I am so grateful to have him as an administrator! The things he has put into place at CMS have been changing the culture of the school in such positive ways. We are so fortunate to have him as our principal! Thank you, Nick, for your unending effort and devotion to this school. Your work is so appreciated!!”  ~Abby Halstead​​​​​​​

Ashley Cox (Middle School):

“Ashley has done a great job of jumping into the tech position and providing a curriculum for our students. Welcome to the team!!”  ~Shannon Nevins​​​​​​​

Lisa Stark (Transportation):

“We received a phone call from a daycare provider on Mrs. Stark's bus route today. She wanted to give Mrs. Stark kudos for saving lives today. She said that a car flew by and Mrs. Stark kept the kids back from crossing. She was in tears watching the bus stop from the window as she had infants inside. She wanted to tell us how much she loves Mrs. Stark and admires her.”  ~Karen Tomlinson

John Moran (High School):

“Your passion is one of the reasons I got into teaching.”  ~Anonymous

Fred Koning (Middle School): 

“When Fred came into this position shortly into the school year, the positive impacts of his work were quickly evident. Fred has spent countless hours working to combat and prevent potentially negative situations. His job is not an easy one, but he has done it remarkably. In addition to his support for challenging situations, Fred is also a great comedic relief. Thank you, Fred, for your consistency, support, and devotion to making this school better.”  ~Abby Halstead

Sarah Townsend (Upper Elementary):

“Sarah's heart is on her students, but she is also an amazing colleague. Her sense of humor keeps us all on our toes.”  ~Mark McGarry

Scott Geisenhaver (Transportation):

“Scott comes in every afternoon after his full time job elsewhere to sub for us. He is irreplaceable!! He always has a great attitude and is willing to jump on any route we need him to, even switching it up on him at the last minute.”  ~Karen Tomlinson

Angi Jewell (Upper Elementary):

“Angi is a leader among us. Her experience and kind heart makes coming to work every day a joy!”  ~Mark McGarry

Laura McCune (High School):

“Thank you Laura for all you do to make sure our students and staff have a safe and clean learning and working environment.”  ~Anonymous

Kathy Vance (Transportation):

“Thank you Mrs. Vance for always making sure that students are treated fairly but held accountable for their behavior while making sure hundreds and hundreds of kids are getting to school and home safely every day.”  ~Anonymous

Jerry Rose (Upper Elem/High School):

“Mr. Rose's passion for our CUE music students and program is an inspiration. He is a joy working with.”  ~Mark McGarry​​​​​​​

Mrs. Masters (Middle School):

“Thank you for all you do my Grandson Steve”  ~Grandma Donna

Gabe Sommer (Upper Elementary):

“I don't think I've ever seen Gabe not smiling. She has been a great addition to the school. We are lucky and thankful to have her as a member of our CUE Crew!”  ~Mark McGarry​​​​​​​

Ken Huhn (High School):

“Thank you Ken for making sure our buildings are kept clean and safe for our students.  You always respond quickly whenever there are any concerns.” ~Anonymous

Iris Maat (Weymouth):

“Thank you for all of your help at Weymouth.  You are always so kind and willing to help whenever and wherever needed.”  ~Anonymous

Stephanie D'Huyvetter (Upper Elementary):

“Stephanie is thoughtful and organized. She is a joy to work with. We are so lucky that she is a member of our CUE Crew.”  ~Mark McGarry​​​​​​​

Julie Grech-Kramer (Upper Elementary):

“When you look up helpful and good spirited you see a picture of Julie Grech-Kramer. She is a blessing work with.”  ~Mark McGarry​​​​​​​

Cheri Friar (Washington Elementary):

“Thank you Mrs. Friar for being so kind and welcoming.”  ~Anonymous

Dr. Stewart (Central Office):

“Thank you for being present in our buildings and being so personable and welcoming to new thoughts and ideas.”  ~Anonymous

Jacob Briney (Upper Elementary):

“Jake's heart is first and foremost with kids. He is always working hard to make sure every students experience success.”  ~Mark McGarry​​​​​​​

Doug Bush (Transportation):

“Thank you for all of your work on the lighted school bus.  It was so much fun to see our school represented in the Lansing parade for all to experience!”  ~Anonymous

Rachel Bump (Central Office):

“Thank you for taking the time to sit down with me and help me with health insurance.  You made me feel much more comfortable with my situation and I never once felt like I was inconveniencing you.  Thank you for making me feel welcome when I know you are so busy.” ~Anonymous

Emberle Eaker (Upper Elementary): 

“Amberle is a great addition to our CUE Crew. Her knowledge and thoughtfulness is exactly what we need.”  ~Mark McGarry

October 2019

Dillon Burns, Upper Elementary

“Dillon goes above and beyond on a daily basis, mostly with his remarkable team work. He truly cares about our concerns, opinions and ideas. No matter what level of staff, you can tell he cares!” ~Anonymous

Carolyn Capozzo, Middle School

“I appreciate that you are always there for whoever needs a shoulder to lean on or has a question. Thanks for all that you do for the school and the students.” ~Stephanie Edge

Kathy Burt, Upper Elementary

“I would like to recognize Mrs. Burt for her leadership skills.” ~Anonymous

Julie Masters, Middle School

“Thank you for sharing your resources and guidance. I enjoyed getting to know you and your wisdom with the students.” ~Stephanie Edge

Sarah Davis, Middle School

“Sarah is generous with her gifts and help. She makes sure things get done and people are taken care of.” ~Anonymous

Kim Telfor, Technology

“Kim always answers my tech questions and fixes my tech problems with a smile on her face. Whether it's a question about passwords or actually fixing a physical issue with a broken computer, Kim does it quickly and makes sure I have all of the tools I need to teach my students.” ~Miranda Steward

Abby Halstead, Middle School

“Abby crafts what she knows about students and the curriculum to teach them the best she can. Keep up the great work!” ~Stephanie Edge

Nick Frisbie, Upper Elementary

“Mr. Frisbie jumped right into his role, and is doing a great job! He keeps his kids moving, while giving them a positive experience.” ~Anonymous

Adam Perry, Upper Elementary

“I enjoyed working with you and pushing our students to do their best. I appreciate the collaboration and teamwork we had.” ~Stephanie Edge

Shannon Nevins, Middle School

“Shannon is full of ideas and enjoys sharing the love of mathematics. The genuine camaraderie she formed with me as a colleague was special to me.” ~Stephanie Edge

Nick Boucher, Middle School

“The momentum of your involvement and your genuine leadership has been inspiring. I appreciate the impact you have made and the investment you’ve shown. It makes all the difference.” ~Stephanie Edge

Celena Bruch (Upper Elementary):

“Celena is a positive leader and role model in our building. She looks for the positive in every situation and in every person. She is our resident cheerleader and she never misses an opportunity to encourage and support. She is an Oriole through and through and is a positive spokesperson for our school district. Celena is a living example of Oriole Pride!” ~Angi Jewell

Dillon Burns, Upper Elementary

“Dillon is doing an amazing job as Dean of Students. Hopefully he loves his new job as much as we love having him here!” ~Anonymous

Karen Anderson, High School

“Karen does a lot of behind the scenes support work that helps us keep several of our programs running smoothly. She always puts students first, and is willing to get the extra mile to support them. Thank you for being such a great contributor on the CHS staff!” ~Anonymous

Chelsea Ziegler, Middle School

“I appreciate all your hard work to help provide and address our needs in the school. Thanks for being there when needed!” ~Stephanie Edge

Julie Grech-Kramer, Middle School

“Julie works hard and does her best to make sure what’s done is done right. No matter what she tries to be there however she can.” ~Stephanie Edge

Tracy Evans, High School

“Tracy goes out of her way for every person, every day, who needs her help. She is wonderful with students, parents, and staff. We love you, Tracy!” ~Anonymous

Kalie McKenna, Parkview

“Kali has jumped into her new role at Parkview and is building relationships with her staff and students. It is easy to see how much she cares and her wish to keep growing for the future!” ~Dr. Stewart

Caroline Wiersma, Upper Elementary

“Caroline is always willing to help out and support every child. She organizes our Second Step and PBIS programs.” ~Anonymous

Megan Greenberg, Parkview

“She comes in every morning with a smile and positive attitude!! She lifts everyone's sports with her energy!!” Trisha

Gretchen McClellan-VanArsdale, Central Office

“Gretchen is doing a great job of trying to get a lot of things in order that have not been. She is really super supportive. Thanks for your great work, Gretchen.” ~Anonymous

John Moran, High School

“Johnnie Mo works hard every day to bring kids great experiences. He brings a big heart and true passion for students to work every day. It's great to work with you Johnnie.” ~Anonymous

Kym Kletke, Parkview

“She is always has a smile on her face no matter what is going on around her. She can usually put a song to a situation which is a great thing to be able to do!! The kids love her!!” ~Trisha

Mallory Blyth, Central Office

“Mallory's influence is felt throughout the entire district. She not only performs her role exceptionally, but she has a positive impact on all of the people and positions that she deals with. She has a vision for how to improve efficiencies and make central office and the district a better place. I learn from her every day! Best of luck to her in the new adventure that awaits. She will be missed!” ~Anonymous

Mark McGarry, Upper Elementary

“On an almost daily basis, I see and hear about Mark reflecting first and foremost on how HE can improve as a leader and educator. I am encouraged and challenged by Mark to have a growth mindset that is always focused on how we can better meet the needs of the students we serve. Mark has the ability to take a vision and transform that vision into an actionable plan for people to follow. He is an incredible asset for the CUE and the district. Thank you for ALL that you do, Mark.” ~Anonymous

Taylor Carew, Parkview

“Taylor is up beat and connects with the kids in her class amazingly!! She keeps the kids engaged in what she is doing! She has a smile on her face and loves her job!!!” ~Trisha

Rachel Bump, Central Office

“With high turnover in Charlotte and schools across the state, HR departments are busier than ever. Regardless of how busy things are with hiring, Rachel always gives a good first impression for CPS. Her friendly and easy-going personality makes her very approachable for incoming staff and veteran staff alike. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the nuances of the hiring process and benefits. We are blessed to have Rachel in Charlotte. Thank you, Rachel, for all that you do!” ~Anonymous

Kathy Vance, Transportation

“Kathy continually works at every level to ensure that kids have access to school, even if she has to drive the bus she often does! Constant hard work and dedication!” ~Dr. Stewart

Scott Fowler, Upper Elementary

“Mr. Fowler is a deep thinker and dedicated educator. His heart is always with the kids and giving them the attention and support that they need.” ~Anonymous

Sharon Dietz, Parkview

“Sharon always has a smile on her face and just rolls with what ever is handed her way!! She's an inspection to work with!! ~Trisha

Julie Crossman, High School

“Julie's classroom is a great place to be. Her students know she cares about each of them. Julie brings her best self to work every day.” ~Anonymous

Carl Sandvik, Upper Elementary

“Mr. Sandvik has created a comfortable and challenging classroom where you can feel the energy of learning happening. He models learning in the school as well. He is always willing to try new things and learn new programs.” ~Anonymous

Jessica Hadley, Upper Elementary

“Mrs. Hadley is always willing to help out in another's classroom during her plan. She is keeps a positive attitude, and is joy for students and staff alike to be around.” ~Anonymous

Heidi Ransom, Parkview

“She has had to deal with a lot in the office already this year and does it with a smile and a laugh!! She's very up lifting!! Couldn't imagine not having her with us!!” ~Trisha

Sean Barker, High School

“Thank you to Sean Barker for his vision and passion to establish the Bird Feeder. Every year we gather food for Charlotte to share with the community. Now, we can also gather food to feed our students. Great work getting this started, Sean!” ~Becky Carter

Kate Karpus, Upper Elementary

“Kate is always working above and beyond and was recently recognized by Meemic! Congratulations Kate!” ~Anonymous

Brian Latty, Food Service

“Brian has done an amazing job developing new programs to help students and families gain more access to nutritional meals. Thank you!” ~Anonymous

Mike O’Leary, Maintenance Department

“Thank you for going above and beyond to make sure the athletic stadium was in great condition for band/athletic senior night. Your assistance was critical in making sure the fireworks were possible and the guests were safe. Thank you for all you do every day for CPS!” ~Anonymous

Laurie Newland, Weymouth

“Thank you Laurie for all of the improvements you are making in the childcare program. We are so excited for what's to come.” ~Anonymous

Christy Huver, Parkview

“Our school recently went on a whole school field trip the the Country Mill. Christy Huver took the time and effort, over several months, to coordinate the bulk of our field trip. Thanks to her willingness to go above and beyond, our students had an amazing time that we will continue to talk about for the rest of the year and beyond.” ~Heather Ferrell

Andy Czaika, Maintenance Department

“Thank you for going above and beyond to make sure the athletic stadium was in great condition for band/athletic senior night. Your assistance was critical in making sure the fireworks were possible and the guests were safe. Thank you for all you do every day for CPS!” ~Anonymous

Emily Nenortas, Aquatic Center

“Emily is a wonderful first point of contact for the school district whether it is with a new student enrollment or an organization wanting to use our facilities. Thank you Emily for always being so kind and welcoming.” ~Anonymous

Kary Parr, Central Office

“Thank you Kary for being so helpful with my payroll questions. I appreciate how you try to explain things different ways until I catch on.” ~Anonymous

Butch Pierce, Maintenance Department

“Thank you for going above and beyond to make sure the athletic stadium was in great condition for band/athletic senior night. Your assistance was critical in making sure the fireworks were possible and the guests were safe. Thank you for all you do every day for CPS!” ~Anonymous

Denise Kendra, Food Service

“Denise is always so kind to families when they call needing assistance. Thank you for your warmth and kindness.” ~Anonymous

Fred Koning, Middle School

“Fred has been amazing since joining the middle school staff! He is always working hard for the students and staff of the school.” ~Anonymous

Nick Pierce, Maintenance Department

“Thank you for going above and beyond to make sure the athletic stadium was in great condition for band/athletic senior night. Your assistance was critical in making sure the fireworks were possible and the guests were safe. Thank you for all you do every day for CPS!” ~Anonymous

Tamera Weissenborn, Upper Elementary

“Mrs. Weissenborn went above and beyond the help a student after school. He was petrified to get on his bike because of spiders. Mrs. Weissenborn took the time to brush the bike off, turn it upside down, shake it clean, and send him on his way. ” ~Ms. Hadley

Brent Crossman, High School

“Brent always has such a positive attitude. He makes problems seem so small and he's always willing to go the extra mile to make sure all the I's are dotted and the T's are crossed. Thank you!!!” ~Anonymous

Michelle Sine, Central Office

“Michelle goes above and beyond every day to support every person she comes across in a friendly and positive manner. She helps to organize events for the schools and community alike. CPS is lucky to have Michelle!” ~Anonymous

Morgan Manchip, Galewood

“Morgan is so kind to everyone that comes into the office and she works extremely hard to make sure all of us are organized and ready to serve our students. Thank you Morgan.” ~Anonymous

Morgan Manchip, Galewood

Mandy Stewart (Central Office): “Dr. Stewart has been a reinvigorating breath of fresh air for the school district. She is frequently in all buildings, interacting with staff and students. She is a great problem solver and truly wants what is best for our entire school community.” ~Anonymous

Matt Maitland, Central Office

“Mr. Maitland has made an immediate positive impact on CPS. He is one of the most collaborative leaders I have worked with and has a good understanding of what teachers need to be successful. He is always willing to listen, take feedback and act on it. Thank you Mr. Maitland for putting us on a positive path.” ~Anonymous

Cameron Bramer, Washington Elementary

“Cam has an amazing way of connecting with our children at CPS. He fills an important void for many of our students and does so with kindness, sympathy, guidance, expectations and structure. Thank you for being a very important part of our team.” ~Anonymous

Rachel Beyerlein, Parkview Elementary

“Mrs. Beyerlein makes a positive imprint on every student she teaches. How she can possible do this with so many kids I do not know but she does and the kids not only enjoy being with her but learn valuable lessons about health and wellness. They don't even know that they are learning other critical skills like math, science, and reading at the same time!” ~Proud Parent

September 2019

Kendra Larsen, Transportation

“Kendra is an invaluable part of our team. She always steps up when we need her and most recently bumped off her own route to help us out on another route. Very thankful she came to Charlotte Schools last year!” ~Karen Tomlinson

Gloria Parker, High School

“Gloria has been a paraprofessional with CPS since 2002. She has supported our students in their academic and social learning. She has been dedicated to our students with perfect attendance for several of her 17 years. This commitment is recognized by all that have had the pleasure of working with her. I wish her all the best in her retirement. It is well deserved.” ~Kathy Burt

Anita Finch, Transportation

“Anita has stepped up on numerous occasions and offered to help out her co-workers. We really appreciate it!” ~Karen Tomlinson

Josh Dies, High School

“Josh has been amazing with all the final details in this new lab room 314! He continues to check on myself and colleague, Tina VanSyckle, to make sure that our technology needs are met!” ~Georgianna Baldwin

Casie Adams, Parkview

“Casie is doing an amazing job supporting our students at Parkview and making it an amazing place to be. Know that your hard work has not gone unnoticed.” ~Anonymous

Leanne Simms, Upper Elementary

“Her dedication and commitment to helping organize the beginning of the year testing at the CUE helped all students and teachers.” ~Anonymous

Carolyn Capozzo, Middle School

“Carolyn goes above and beyond with helping students succeed and feel safe. She always has an open door for any student that needs help or just needs a listening ear. CMS is truly a better place because of Carolyn!” ~Anonymous

Nick Boucher, Middle School

“Nick has been working very hard to learn about the culture at CMS. He takes into consideration teachers needs and has implemented new rules that help students learn.” ~Anonymous

Trish Abbott, Parkview

“Trish supports our students everyday and is there for all of the teachers when they need an extra hand!” ~Anonymous

Julie Harmon, Upper Elementary

“Julie is always works hard to make everyone feel comfortable at the CUE. She goes above and beyond every day to support students and families. She makes the CUE a welcoming and great place to be!” ~Anonymous

Matt Elkins, Technology

“Matt fixes problems almost before they happen. He is quick and always friendly. His work makes learning possible for students by keeping our devices running. He is a treasure, and we're lucky to have him at the CUE.” ~Anonymous

Christy Huver, Parvkiew

“Christy is always there for the staff when they have a question and comes to school with a positive attitude every day! We all love working with her!” ~Anonymous

Beth Monroe, Parkview

“Beth is always willing to help where needed with a smile. She does an excellent job of taking care of our library. Beth is a huge asset to CPS.” ~Heidi

Amberle Eaker, Upper Elementary

“Amberle has been an amazing motivator, peer and colleague. Every day has been a joy, she collaborates with her team and brings positive energy to all meetings. I cannot thank her enough for all the amazing work she does!” ~Anonymous

Nick Boucher, Middle School

Nick has been working hard at his new role as principal of the MS. I appreciate his open communication and dedication to our team.” ~Shannon Nevins

Fred Koning, Middle School

“Fred has jumped into the Middle School role again as Dean of Students. Through his restorative justice knowledge and discipline policies, he is already making a positive impact with students and staff.” ~Anonymous

Andy Czaika, Building/Grounds

“He consistently keeps a smiling and friendly presence while working non-stop on truly thankless jobs. Dedicated, professional and positive! Great Work!” ~Dr. Stewart

Joan Penrod, Central Office

“Ms. Penrod, in the difficult new position, is independently researching her role, and reaching out for supports/training. A consistently friendly voice to the public, and a great support for me! THANK YOU!” ~Dr. Stewart

Mallory Blyth, Central Office

“Mallory is extremely efficient in her position, and steps up to support where needed! There isn't a time when an email goes unanswered, or she doesn't offer a friendly smile as anyone walks through Central Office. She is a wonderful asset to the team, and has been extremely helpful in supporting me in my new role. Thank you Mallory for always going above and beyond!” ~Kali McKenna

Josh Dies, High School

“Josh has been amazing with all the final details in this new lab room 314! He continues to check on myself and colleague, Tina VanSyckle, to make sure that our technology needs are met!” ~Georgianna Baldwin

Jeff Bohl, High School

“Jeff has been a great addition here at CHS. He makes sure that all staff members voice their input on what we want our goals to be as a building for the school year. It has only been the first few weeks and I already notice some positive changes occurring. Keep up the good work Jeff, we are lucky to have you!” ~Anonymous

Sean Barker, High School

“Sean works in ways big and small to show teachers and students that they are valued, and encourages those around him to reach their potential.” ~Anonymous

Nick Boucher, Middle School

“Nick has had an immediate impact on the Middle School and its been very positive. Keep up the good work sir.” ~Jeremy Tuller

Sarah Milarch, High School

“Sarah is a leader among the High School staff. She has put tremendous thought and energy into Standards-Based grading, and her contributions to the video clips used in the first Half Day professional development were thoughtful and helped propel good discussions at the high school. She is appreciated by her students and her colleagues!” ~Anonymous

Josh Greve, High School

“Josh invested a lot of time in synthesizing the extracurricular meeting schedules into one calendar for the high school. We appreciate his above-and-beyond efforts to help keep everyone organized!” ~Anonymous

Dillon Burns, Upper Elementary

“Dillon is doing an exceptional job at his new position as the CUE Dean of Students. He shows integrity and respect on a daily basis. He also exercises teamwork as he navigates through his learning process.” ~Anonymous

Crystal Quintanilla-Howard, High School

“Crystal is doing wonderful things with the project success program at the high school. The things these kids are doing are nothing short of remarkable. The entire project success staff should be enormously proud of how far this program has come.” ~Anonymous

Karen Anderson, High School

“Karen is doing outstanding work, both with Early Middle College and Project Success. Her work in these areas has opened up so many options for students that need something a little different from school, and have helped pave the way for them to be successful in life.” ~Anonymous

Erin Turner, Middle School

“Erin continues to go over and beyond at CMS as she coordinates our PBIS. Great work Erin and your extra work is appreciated by all.” ~Anonymous

Becky Carter, High School

“Becky pushes herself as a professional, which helps those around her learn and grow. Recently, she started a book study with two colleagues and generated enough excitement that her entire department plans to collaborate around this book study to frame discussions around growing as learners. Thanks to Becky for modeling lifelong learning and commitment to growth!” ~Anonymous

Bobby Hejnal, High School

“Bobby has been a tremendous help in subbing during his planning period. He is always willing to help out a colleague in need, and always takes challenges in stride.” Anonymous

Melissa Shanker, High School

“As a brand new member of the CHS staff, Melissa is doing a tremendous job building relationships with her students and collaborating with her colleagues. We are so fortunate to have Melissa as a part of our team!” ~Anonymous

Miranda Steward, Parkview

“She always has a positive attitude and puts her students first!!” ~Trisha Abbott

Kristen Toadvine, High School

“Kristen is an advocate for her students and her colleagues. She is thoughtful in everything that she does, and is willing to work hard to help those around her succeed.” ~Anonymous

Tracy Evans, High School

“Tracy cares deeply about the every person who walks into the building. She is incredibly kind and patient in her interactions, but also very organized and skilled at keeping things running smoothly within the building. We are so fortunate to have Tracy! “ ~Anonymous

Liz Pashby, Parkview

“Always willing to help others in anyway she can!!” ~Trisha Abbott

Melissa Shanker, High School

“Melissa has been doing an amazing job getting settled into a new position and working (literally!) overtime to help students be successful!” ~Anonymous

‘Q’ Quiana Davis, High School

“Q” has stepped into such a vital role as our new student support specialist. I cannot day enough about how wonderful she is working with our students who are struggling with some weighty issues.” ~Anonymous

Lance Beasley, High School

“Mr. Beasley is doing a great job of building relationships with his students while teaching them about engineering. Kids are having a lot of fun in his classes and have great things to say about his class and him as a teacher.” ~Anonymous

Joe Wimmer, High School

“Joe has been a long term sub in the high school for so long, he’s practically a full time staff member. His work with our kids has allowed the students to continue learning even without their regularly scheduled teacher.” ~Anonymous

Natalie Keyton, Parkview

“She always has a smile on her face and makes everyone feel great about themselves!” ~Trisha Abbott

Heidi Ransom, Parkview

“Heidi is always a cheerful person to work with and be around. She works hard and is flexible in learning new things.” ~Anonymous

Katie Walters, High School

“Katie has jumped into the Ag position and not only been teaching those classes but has done a tremendous amount of work with our FFA. She has provided valuable real life educational experiences that help our students better appreciate their heritage in an agricultural community.” ~Anonymous

Ryan Guimont, High School

“Mr. G as my daughter calls him has been an amazing positive teacher for her. He pushed her to excel in her academics and as a leader to her peers. He holds his students accountable for everything they do all in positive ways. Thank you Ryan for being an awesome teacher and for always being there for your students and their parents.” ~Kelly Vermillion

Cheri Friar, Washington

“Cheri always goes above and beyond. She digs into things and asks great questions. Washington Elementary is a better place because of Cheri!” ~Anonymous

Brandon Schmitt, High School

“Mr. Schmitt does a great job working with kids in science and seminar classes. I get such a kick out of hearing students talking about forensics outside of his classroom. He really makes science fun for the kids.” ~Anonymous

Jade Bowhall, High School

“Jade does amazing things in the classroom, but her commitment to the Flight Club and making sure all students are welcome and included is amazing. There is so much work that goes into that, and it’s such an important feature to our school community.” ~Anonymous

Ryan Sisco, High School

“Mr. Sisco does so much for the kids, including teaching a huge variety of courses! It’s a difficult job, but his passion for teaching students is astounding.” ~Anonymous

Chris Hutton, High School

“Chris works tirelessly for our kids, building incredible relationships with them and getting them to engage their bodies through physical education. He also does extraordinary work with the basketball teams, helping our athletes find a place where they belong.” ~Anonymous

Ryan Guimont, High School

“Ryan’s work in the CI Program is inspirational. The level of passion, love, and patience he brings to work with him every day is incredible. He has worked so hard to ensure that all of our students are included in the school.” ~Anonymous

Lindsay Blair, High School

“Lindsay is such a dedicated educator. She teaches with passion and patience, and always strives to be aware of students who are struggling so she can give them the extra help they need.” ~Anonymous

Tami Nixon, High School

“Tami does such remarkable work with students in the CI program, making sure they feel loved and safe while they are learning important life skills. She is such an enormous asset to the district and most importantly, to our students.” ~Anonymous

Becky Carter, High School

“Becky does such an amazing job leading the freshman academy. The work that happens in freshman academy could not be done without her. She always takes into consideration student needs and helps students to learn as much as they can at the pace that is most appropriate to their ability.” ~Anonymous

Bobby Hejnal, High School

“Bobby is such a kind hearted person. He is constantly getting pulled to sub on his planning period, but he does so willingly knowing our students need him. We are all so grateful for what you do.” ~Everyone who has had to miss 5th block this year

Kristen Toadvine, High School

“Kristen is doing such a wonderful job, engaging students in reading during social studies classes and making history fun. She is a leader in our building and our district and always keeps students first in everything she does.” ~Anonymous

John Moran, High School

“As the “resident old man” (as he likes to call himself) John works very hard to be able to relate to his students so he can share his passion for history and set a positive example for our kids.” ~Anonymous

Jennifer Pinckney, High School

“Although she just came back to us recently (congrats on the new baby!), Jennifer is already making a big impact with our kids. She has such patience for the kids who struggle with math, and helps to set them up for success in a subject that many find difficult.” ~Anonymous

Gloria Parker, High School

“Gloria Cares about students success! She is passionate and kind, helpful to students and takes her position seriously. Although she recently retired, she was a very important part of the team here at CHS and she will be dearly missed! We wish her the best in her new endeavors!” ~Nick Thompson

Amy Byam, Galewood

“Mrs. Byam has been amazing at communicating with me throughout these past few weeks. My daughter has had some ups and downs that come with being a student for the first time. Mrs. Byam has made sure to communicate each instance with me and replies very promptly. I appreciate the open communication with my daughters teacher. It gives me peace of mind knowing things don't go unnoticed.” ~Sarah Campbell & Ryan Hunter

Cindy Hosek, High School

“Cindy’s passion for educating the whole student takes her far beyond “typical” classroom lessons by encouraging students to practice self-care, looking out for other people, and respecting everyone. She uses social studies as a way to help students be better people.” ~Anonymous

Michaelle Converse, High School

“Michaelle constantly searches for new ways to engage students in art, from painting furniture to having FFA students talk about muscle structures before students draw animals. She is ensuring that students can see both the joy and the importance of art.” ~Anonymous

Tina VanSyckle, High School

“Tina’s high expectations of her students help prepare them for life after high school, getting them used to the demands of the workforce. This is such a valuable lesson for our students to learn, and Tina helps to get them there.” ~Anonymous

Nick Frisbie, Upper Elementary

“Nick has come into our district and is the new PE teacher at the CUE. He not only teaches them about being active and healthy, he teaches them about respect and consequences of bad choices. He holds his students accountable. He also celebrates their successes with them.” ~Anonymous

Beth Strait, High School

“Beth has a wonderfully kind heart that has room for all of her students. She is a teacher that students know genuinely cares about them as people.” ~Anonymous

Stacie Barstow, High School

“Stacie is such a warm and wonderful presence in the building. She is always stepping up for students and helping them to be successful.” ~Anonymous

Jennifer Williams, Upper Elementary

“Jennifer started as a new parapro this year at the CUE. She is a great addition to the CUE staff. She does her job well, and asks questions if she is unsure.” ~Anonymous

Karen Anderson, High School

“Karen's leadership within Project Success has transformed the program. Her forward thinking has placed every teacher in the program in a position that draws on their personal strengths, giving them a place to experience success with students in a non-traditional setting. Not only does she recognize the abilities of each individual teacher within the classroom, she also draws on the strengths of each student. During the part of her day where she also participates as a teacher in the program, she inspires the students to see the best in themselves. This gives them the confidence they need to rise to the occasion when completing projects. Students are now reaching levels of mastery that many have never experienced in the classroom. Thank you, Karen, for inspiring everyone around you to be the best version of themselves!” ~Becky Carter

Georgianna Baldwin, High School

“Georgianna keeps high expectations for her students, insisting that they always give their best. This helps kids to strive to reach their fullest potential and can be very empowering.” ~Anonymous

Josette Sandvik, Upper Elementary

“Josette is a great addition to the CUE staff as a new parapro. She does her job well, and asks questions when she is unsure.” ~Anonymous

Erin Turner, Middle School

“Erin continues to go over and beyond at CMS as she coordinates our PBIS. Great work Erin and your extra work is appreciated by all.” ~Anonymous

Lindsay Blair, High School

“Mrs. Blair works tirelessly during homecoming, behind the scenes, to make the experience meaningful for our Oriole students. She never takes the spotlight, but instead places the focus on Oriole Pride and the student body. Thank you for all of your work this week, Mrs. Blair!” ~Becky Carter

Sarah Rohlfs, High School

“Sarah is always searching for new and exciting things to teach in her classes. It’s remarkable to see students gleefully sharing the assignments on which they are working with their friends and other teachers even outside of her classroom.” ~Anonymous

Jerry Rose, High School

“Jerry’s dedication and commitment to our band program consistently results in an incredible band. The countless hours that go into this work are reflected in a group that is truly a shining star for our district.” ~Anonymous

Laura Monteer, Upper Elementary

“Laura puts the safety of students first. The students at the CUE are lucky she is their teacher.” ~Anonymous

Rebekah Manson, Upper Elementary

“Rebekah puts the safety of students first. We are lucky to have such a dedicated teacher.” ~Upper Elementary

Andy Schroetter, High School

“Andy’s impact on our choir program is being felt big time in his second year. Our choir students are performing at a high level, and are so incredibly happy to be doing what they do. Their joy is a testament to his amazing work.” ~Anonymous

Bill Blair, High School

“Bill’s wood classes are a highlight for many of our students as they learn to create functional art. The attention to detail that these students show when they are crafting their projects is because of the passion that Bill shows in his teaching.” ~Anonymous

Nick Thompson, High School

“Nick’s work with our Ag mechanics classes and co-op program are such a boon to our students. These are practical, fundamental skills and experiences that help many of our students leave our school career ready. I love seeing students find their purpose after working with Nick.” ~Anonymous

Tim Cornman, High School

“Tim has done a superb job fitting in to the high school staff, working patiently with kids and colleagues to ensure students are being successful. He is a great addition to the team.” ~Anonymous

Marlo Wiltse, High School

“Marlo teaches with a passion and patience that helps students discover joy in learning science. She is always willing to go the extra mile for students, and all of her students know that about her.” ~Anonymous

Joshua Greve, High School

“Josh’s dedication to being a lifelong learner continues to make an impact on his students. He is always trying to find ways to teach Spanish in a way that will make students better readers and writers, not just better speakers.” ~Anonymous

Samantha Carroll, Upper Elementary

“Samantha is a thoughtful and caring teacher. Her dedication to students is inspiring. Every student in her class is better off because of her love and lessons.” ~Anonymous

Sarah Milarch, High School

“Sarah has a genuine love for her students that shines through in everything that she does. She pours so much genuine caring into her work that students can’t help but feel valued when they walk through her door.” ~Anonymous

Anne Couturier, High School

“Anne works so diligently to ensure that our special ed students are getting all of the help they need to be successful. Her determination to not let any students “fall through the cracks” is an inspiration.” ~Anonymous

Joanna Schultz, Upper Elementary

“Joanna lives and breaths Oriole pride. As a teacher and community member she is always working to make sure that every child feels safe.” ~Anonymous

Nick Frisbie, Upper Elementary

“Nick is a team player. He works hard to help every student at the CUE and CMS. We are lucky to have such a dedicated teacher!” ~Anonymous

Sara Jobson, Middle/High School

“Sara goes miles above and beyond for our students, helping them when they are in crisis, helping them be better people, and helping them help others. She is going to be so very sorely missed (though we’re happy for you!)” ~Anonymous

Kevin Robinson, High School

“Kevin teaches in a way that is so often fun and engaging. He has a deep passion for helping students understand the forces that move the world around us, and he’s everyone’s favorite “buddy.” ~Anonymous

Tracy Evans, High School

“Tracy is such a welcoming person and does an amazing job being one of the first faces people see when they come in the building. She always has a smile, and loves to be able to help everyone.” ~Anonymous

Nicki Bensinger, High School

“Nicki is an incredible person and does such a wonderful job helping students, staff, coaches, and community members with anything they need. Though she isn’t leaving the district, she will be missed at the high school.” ~Anonymous

Sharee Burdick, High School

“Sharee works tirelessly to help students address a wide variety of issues, and always tries to treat everyone fairly. She has been a great support for teachers, and seems to have a renewed sense of vigor this year.” ~Anonymous

Michelle Marchand,Upper Elementary

“Michelle is a dedicated leader at the CUE. She never seeks recognition, but does a lot for her peers and the students. It can be organizing our storage closets or pushing us to be better, the CUE is lucky to have Michelle as a teammate.” ~Anonymous

Jeff Bohl, High School

“Though he has only been her a short time, Jeff is already learning much about the school and making some changes. He has been getting into some classrooms and is beginning to see all of the wonderful things happening at CHS.” ~Anonymous

Tammy Weissenborn, Upper Elementary

“Tammy is thoughtful, reflective, and always looking for new ways to improve the CUE. She is an inspirational figure that is helping the CUE take Center Stage.” ~Anonymous

Mike Baker, High School

“Mike approaches teaching with a fun personality that can help students overcome math struggles. He also started video game club to help students find a place where they can belong.” ~Anonymous

Brent Crossman, High School

“Brent teaches social studies with such enthusiasm that students literally come back to watch favorite lessons in subsequent years. His passion is an inspiration.” ~Anonymous

Deb Zeis, High School

“Deb has such a broad knowledge base and a passion for the social studies that she translates into lessons far beyond the curriculum. Students leave her classes knowing the material but also with a stronger sense of how they fit into our society as a whole.” ~Anonymous

Mary Moran, Middle/High School

“Mary is such a welcoming, smiling face in our library! She is able to share a love of books with students who love to read and knows there is a book out there for everyone.” ~Anonymous

Gloria Parker, High School

“Gloria is an incredible person who always opens her kind heart to everyone who needs it. She will be sorely missed when she leaves us, but she leaves behind a legacy of love and caring.” ~Anonymous

R.J. Guizzetti, Athletics/Recreation

“RJ has only been with us a short time, but has already shown a desire to work with our coaches and staff members to help our athletes be successful both in the classroom and in athletics.” ~Anonymous

Mike Sparks, Athletics/Recreation

“Mike has been stepping into the Assistant Athletic Director role very well, while coaching our variety football team. His high expectations for student athletes will help our students grow as students, athletes, and people.” ~Anonymous

Julie Crossman, High School

“Julie’s fun spirit and kind heart show her students a deep passion for science and genuine care for them as people. Students in her classroom are able to explore while they learn in a way that is fun and meaningful for them.” ~Anonymous

Mark McGarry, Upper Elementary

“Principal McGarry personally walked a student home from school on a half day. Not only did it show the student that they are cared about, but it shows his commitment to student safety. His ability to create positive relationships with his students is remarkable.” ~Anonymous

Sarah Davis, Middle School

“Thank you Sarah for all your help with administering the Fall NWEA assessment. Sarah supported our new staff and made sure every student at CMS completed the test within the testing window. Thank you for your leadership with this!” ~Anonymous

Karen Tomlinson, Transportation

“Karen is just amazing! Today she reached out to a family with a language barrier to help them better understand how to read the school calendar. She actually drove out to them and sat down and talked it through. We need more Karen's!” ~Kathy Vance

Adam Carroll, High School/CPD

“As the school Liaison officer, Adam sometimes has to interact with our students on their worst days. But he does this in a way that reinforces to them that he knows they are good people and that he wants to help them through their tough times.” ~Anonymous

Lisa Spoelstra, High School

“Lisa has such an enormous heart for all students, and works hard to ensure that every student and staff member knows they are important and valued.” ~Anonymous

Robyn Porter, High School

“Robin works so hard to ensure that every student in her classroom can find success. She genuinely cares about each and every one of her students.” ~Anonymous

Andie Bowerman, Transportation

“She's just amazing. My kids love her!! Great communication, careful driving. Ms. Andie makes me feel safe having my children in her care!” ~Caitlin

Quiana ‘Q’ Davis, High School

“Q is an amazing asset to our students! She works endlessly to comfort, care for, and assist students who need support, and she is making an amazing difference in the climate of our school! Q is EXACTLY who we needed to help our students feel emotionally, mentally, and physically supported so they can be successful in all they do!” ~Sarah Milarch

Tracy Evans, High School

“Tracy has worked tirelessly to help staff and students! No matter when we need help, she steps in to save the day! I don't know what we'd do at CHS without Tracy! She brings sunshine to everyone she meets every day!” ~Sarah Milarch

Nicole Bensinger, High School

“Nikki brings so much energy and joy to the high school! The office staff has been working overtime (understatement), yet she has handled the chaos with poise and positivity! Nikki always helps no matter what the request, and we are so lucky to have her!” ~Sarah Milarch

Mark McGarry, Upper Elementary

“One of my students was have a really tough day. We did what we could to help her, but she was still struggling at the end of the day and he walked her home. The parent and I both agree that Mark really went above and beyond to help our student.” ~Deb E.

Josh Dies, High School

“Josh has been phenomenal at helping me get several technology issues resolved as I returned to work. His quick response times and follow up checks made it the transition much easier so I could focus on my students and not on tech issues. Thank you Josh for doing the behind the scenes work that helps support students and staff!” ~Ashley Schwarzbek

Joe Wimmer, High School

“Joe Wimmer is an exceptional long term substitute in the district that consistently goes above and beyond for students. Thank you Joe for all you have done for me in making my maternity leave completely stress free as I always knew my students were in the absolute best hands.” ~Ashley Schwarzbek

Brandon Schmitt, High School

“My daughter missed so much school trying to recover from a severe concussion, but Mr. Schmitt went above and beyond just to help her out. Every day he worked with her individually to get caught up, he gave her extra time to complete assignments and take any tests she missed. Teachers like Mr. Schmitt are what make Charlotte HS a great school.” ~Anonymous

Liz Pashby, Parkview

“Mrs. Pashby has made my first grader feel so welcome at his new building. He looks forward to going to school and that is great. She is always friendly and welcoming.” ~Emily Shaver

Amber Hinterman, Central Office

“Amber has went above and beyond in helping us all understand the new finance software. Coming to our individual buildings and meeting with us in person to answer our questions and she is always so patient when we call to ask questions even though I am sure we have asked the same one over and over again!” ~Anonymous

Kevin Bunker, Parkview

“Kevin not only does a great job making sure that the building is impeccably clean, he also helps out in the lunch room and has such a great rapport with the students. He is a joy to work with.” ~Anonymous

Trisha Abbott, Parkview

“Trish is always positive and cheerful and willing to help- even if it means giving bathroom breaks!!” ~Jane Haga

Samantha Carroll, Upper Elementary

“Mrs. Carroll has worked extremely hard since the beginning of the school year to work with an especially high needs student. She has used professional and personal skills to be an advocate and support to this student and her classroom. She is wonderful at recognizing her strengths and reaching out for help when needed- a trait that can be hard to come by! I am so thankful for her presence at the CUE.” ~Mrs. Wiersma

Heidi Ransom, Parkview

“Heidi is so full of positive energy, it is contagious and motivates me every day!” ~Jane Haga

Abigail Brown, Galewood

“Mrs. Abigail Brown is amazing! She has such a passion for educating the young minds she's entrusted with. I love how kind, caring and patient she is with her students while instilling expectations of respect, discipline and a drive for education within them. She's always self-driven to learn as much as she can to better herself as an educator, which I find very encouraging as a parent. Sending your little ones off is never easy, but I could not choose a better individual to trust my child with. She always has open communication and keeps parents well informed, which makes the transition that much easier. She is a spectacular educator and CPS is blessed to have her on their team.” ~Caitlin Vedder

Tammy Weissenborn, Upper Elementary

“Mrs. Weissenborn stepped forward to support a colleague and high needs student when presented with a challenge. She has a positive attitude and outlook for the future which has also greatly affected the student's personal outlook. She works hard to deliver interventions effectively and seeks support of a team. She is wonderful!” ~Mrs. Wiersma

Chelsea Ziegler, Middle School

“Mrs. Ziegler reports to school every day with a smile, positive attitude, and the hope and intent to impact both students and staff for the better. She is strength based and cares deeply for the students that she interacts with. Her hard work has made an impact on both the students and school as a whole. We are lucky to have her as an Oriole!” ~Anonymous

Kristin Owens, Galewood

“Kristin is a calm presence and warm smile at Galweood.” ~Anonymous

Anita Ackley, Upper Elementary

“Mrs. Ackley works so well with a one-to-one assigned student with higher needs. She is patient and follows his plans so well. She is a great influence to him!” ~Mrs. Wiersma

August 2019

Tracy Evans, High School

“Tracy has had a challenging beginning for the new school year, and is pulling double duty in the high school main office. Even though she is under a great deal of stress, she still has a smile on her face and is willing to stop what she is doing to help you. She is a valuable asset to the high school and keeps things running smoothly.” ~Cindy Hosek

Kim Telfor, Technology

“Made the tech in my room more accessible to the space. Found a screen and projector that would accommodate where the electrical is in the room.” ~Jill McKillips

Nicole Bensinger, High School

“Nicole is another valuable asset to the high school. She is also pulling double duty at the high school, helping Tracy in the main office. She keeps the athletic office running smoothly, all while assisting two new athletic directors. On any given day, she can be seen running back and forth between the main office and athletic office, depending on what is needed from her at that moment. Displaying her positive attitude, she is always willing to help others any way she can.” ~Cindy Hosek

Tracy Evans, High School

“I would like to thank Tracy in the main office for being so welcoming to myself and my in coming freshman. We had questions and she has answers! She also shared knowledge on health concerns !! Thank you for helping us prepare for this first year.” ~Anonymous

Joe Wimmer, High School

“Joe has been one of the most dedicated long term and short term substitutes. When he is in your classroom, he follows your plans and keeps the class running smoothly . He always has a smile on his face and his contagious laugh can be heard down the hallways, bringing a chuckle to those that hear him. He builds remarkable and caring relationships with students, who are always excited when he is the substitute.” ~Cindy Hosek